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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am trying to clean up my Energy sector. I have the following: CPG, CVE, ERF, HSE, IMO, SU, TRP, VET, MX Could you please place them in order, starting with first to sell.

Also, could you please let me know which companies I should buy with the proceeds. I have a very long timeline, and I feel that companies that are rather low right now may jump a fair bit when the price of oil rebounds.

If there are any other companies that you would suggest to buy, please include them as well.

Thank you once again,

Read Answer Asked by Federico on July 10, 2019
Q: hi
Purely on a stock by stock basis, based on the short term possible performance of the stock, if you had to sell some of these stocks, which would (first 5) you sell and in what order? ( I like all of them but I want to reduce my leverage ) Do not consider them as a portfolio as I have other stocks in registered accounts. Reducing across all of them would not be efficient for the size of my account.
thank you
Read Answer Asked by Francois on August 09, 2018
Q: Your last comments about Enerplus in January 2018 were more promising. Also on March 21 there was a 9% pop in the share value after the company announced a stock buyback over the next 12 months. After having this stock in our RIF for a few years I lack confidence in the company and certainly have not been receiving much of a dividend either during this time. I am still down 29%. Wondering if I should just move along or is now the time to hold for awhile longer. Your opinion please.
Read Answer Asked by Sharon on March 23, 2018
Q: My "loss leaders" are CPG and ERF. My gainers are SU, HSE and CNQ. (Because of the entry prices) Should I sell my "losers" CPG/ERF and plough the proceeds in SU/CNQ? Or simply hold them till the recovery in the sector takes place? Or buy HWO which I own which is in slightly positive territory? Or any other company that you would suggest in the Oil/Gas sector? Like the pipelines.
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on December 28, 2017
Q: I hold these energy stocks in the following percentages 5%FRU and 2% each of the others in a non-reg. acct. I plan to keep FRU and am considering selling one of the other 3 (all down about 30%). The question is am I premature in selling, or would it be prudent to wait for a bit more of a rebound, or, if selling which one would you suggest. I am a retired income oriented investor and would probably re-invest in a different sector. Thanks,
Read Answer Asked by John on March 20, 2017
Q: I originally bought ERF when the energy sector was flying and there was a good dividend. I didn't move quick enough to sell it when the market dipped and I still have about 1.41% weighting in ERF. The dividend is too low to hold for that alone and I have been waiting for a bounce that makes it look attractive again, but I feel I should move on.
Other energy exposure is SPB 4.57%, WCP 1.31%, FRU 0.7%, SU 0.54%, BEP.UN 4.88%,
I would like to retain some energy exposure and like the idea of income while waiting for growth. Assuming that I am putting these stocks in the correct sector, is this about the right exposure to energy at this time?
What would you recommend as an alternative to ERF, or should I just keep it?
Read Answer Asked by John on March 16, 2017
Q: The above lists my oil and gas investments. In addition I have drilling, service companies, and pipelines also associated with oil and gas. I feel that I have too many companies to easily follow and would like some recommendations. Based on your current thoughts can you recommend which I should sell and which I should buy more of and why. Also if there is company that I have not listed which you think is a better fit please consider including that in your recommendations. Based on my history, I usually keep an investment for a minimum of 5 years and some of the above I have had for at least 15 years. Also, if you believe that later in the year may be a better time to consider the trades I am contemplating will you please mention that as well. Thank you very much. I highly value your opinion.
Read Answer Asked by ED on January 09, 2017
Q: Hi Peter and Staff
I was another investor who had too much weighting in oil- aside from a few that went out of business , I have held the rest until now and still have more $ in oil than I now want as a percentage weighting - not wanting to miss any rally entirely but also not believer in $75 oil coming I am going to shave some monthly until I get to my new weighting / if you were going to sell some of one of the four stocks listed which would you pick and why
Thanks for all you do
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on December 01, 2016