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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: The way the three stocks have been rising lately, from their current stock prices, is it likely that the stock price of these three companies will go up by approximately 50% in the next 6 months or so, the reason for the question is I am looking at buying now and selling in 6 months time and make some quick profit. Dividend is not a consideration at all. Any other companies you can suggest for 50% increase in stock price in 6 months?

Read Answer Asked by SAMAR on December 11, 2020

Q: I have several beat up stocks that are now small holdings so looking to clean up the mess a bit and reduce my holdings to a more reasonable number. These are all in my unregistered accounts so will generate a tax loss although that wont do me much good this year with no likely gains to harvest.... So my general plan was to sell some and consolidate in other holdings I already have: ( use as many credits as required)

Sell HSE ( 1/4 position ) and add to my 1/2 SU . I get the tax loss to carry forward and move from HSE that is mostly heavy oil to SU with less downside.

Sell CHW ( 1/4 position) and add to my 1/2 SJ. These 2 don't really match up well like HSE and SU but the CHW is such a small position, unlikely to move until late in the recovery and with the div suspended I think I am going to take my lumps on it. I am a bit lite on SJ anyways.

Sell my MX ( 1/2 position) and add to my MAL ( 1/2 position). Once again not good matches but these 2 are small position in the same account. MAL hasn't done much in terms of stock movement but has generated a good yield over the many years I have owned it. I am not feeling the love in the energy sector for the next few years and I have a felling that the good old days in oil and gas might be at an end with the cost of solar improving and the steady growth in electrifying transportation....

And last sell 1/2 position of AD and buy ALA ( 1/2 position). Once again not a great fit in terms of sector but yields are comparable and ALA is essentially a utility ( and not a oil and gas) so should be a somewhat stable yield.

I wish I had a few big winner I wanted to sell to harvest the tax losses now but will just need to put them in my pocket for the big recovery in a hopefully not to distant future... These moves reduce my small holdings, Get rid of some holding you don't have in your portfolios, de-risk my portfolio somewhat and finally move that money into companies a bit better placed to maintain their dividends during covid/post covid

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 22, 2020

Q: I own shares in Husky Energy. Today price dropped to $2 per share and Saudi Arabia will be increasing oil production. I expect the price will continue to drop for awhile. At what price would the stock be delisted from the TSX? If it is delisted at some point and the company continues to operate (without going bankrupt), are the shareholders entitled to anything? Thank you for your assistance with this.

Read Answer Asked by Cathy on March 18, 2020

Q: Hi 5i team,
I was wondering what your opinion is of the Morningstar Quant reports which can be found within TD Direct investing. For example, each of these stocks are noted as ‘undervalued’ or significantly‘undervalued’. As well, they have little or no moat, and some are high or very high risk. Their stock prices are/have dropped a bit.
Would you consider it realistic decision making to include them in the mix of info resources?

Also, could you kindly rank these stocks if one were doing this year’s TFSA amount- it’s a small sum so is it best applied to one stock or divided?

I have SU and CNQ, similar amounts invested in each and both are above water a little.

Please deduct however many credits you like. Thank you for helping me!

Read Answer Asked by Hilary on February 05, 2020

Q: I have owned Husky for several years and bought it at $26. At the time, it looked like a good investment in an integrated oil company. Recently, the price has gone down to $9 per share and I am concerned about whether the share price will rebound significantly. It has traded quite a bit around the $15 mark in the recent year or two. I also understand that the majority shareholder recently sold his shares. What does that signal for the company? Is this a good investment to continue to hold? The current dividend yield is 5%. Thank you for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Cathy on January 27, 2020

Q: Wajax and Transcontinental have several things in common : mid single digit p/e, moderately high yield, relatively safe pay-out ratio, and a turnaround in earnings seems possible. Can you think of any other companies whose profile hits the 4 previously mentioned criteria. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by JACK on January 22, 2020

Q: Do you consider any of these dividends to be unsustainable? Any other comments on these companies?

Read Answer Asked by James on December 11, 2019

Q: Hello Peter and Ryan,

Saw three big volume trades crossed right at the opening bell,in which Scotia Capital crossed 3.75 million shares at $9.81, while RBC Capital Markets did two crosses at the same price, one for 2.5 million shares and the other for 1.25 million. Just wondering the implication of doing this since the buyer and seller are the same broker? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by yun on November 25, 2019

Q: I have positions in these companies way way under my cost. Looking for a strategy to capture some tax loss without giving up completely in allocation in case of oil turnaround. Consolidation in less number of stocks that represents the best potencial is an option or selling all of them and buying two or three different companies is another option. Appreciate any suggestion. Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Saad on November 07, 2019

Q: The sad state of the Canadian fosil energy sector has me torn between cutting my loses and moving on ( too late for PGF....) or doubling down on a few names when things are in the dumps.... With the exception of Suncor ( dont need more and happy with it so wont sell), what do I do with my current energy holdings. Thanks to the poor recent performance they are down to about 10% of my total holdings. Dump, hold, add, or double down on these names please.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 05, 2019