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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In addition to the Income portfolio, please suggest 10 diversified Canadian large cap stocks that should produce a total return of 8% with minimum volatility and a dividend ie no roller coaster ride. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on July 18, 2022
Q: Hi!
With Bank of Canada raising 1 percent, I was surprised to see utilities perform well. I understand the sell off in banks would be due to loan losses. Would higher interest rates not be bad for the utilities or is it that these are seen as safety and therefore rising? Do you see utilities like Fortis and Emera as expensive now and would you support lightening up on banks to buy these due to higher risk with banks during potential recession?
Read Answer Asked by Neil on July 13, 2022
Q: Hi
I owned BIP.PR.D for a couple of years and liked the steady dividends. I am looking at a) another Brookfield preferred that is similar or
b) an ETF that has mostly rate reset bons with a decent dividend or
c) another preferred share from a stable company, like fortis, bce, telus, enb, trp, etc
I would like something that provides 5%, has at least 2 years shelf life. Is it possible to provide maybe 5 choices, ranked that meet the above criterion?
As always great, Len
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on April 05, 2022
Q: Good Morning,

For yield - I am considering adding to or acquiring many of the above noted stocks.

Please rate in terms yield, growth potential and safety.

Also add any others I might consider.

Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 22, 2022
Q: Hello Peter and team,
In terms of stability, safety of dividends and overall company fundamentals (and thanks to the answer you provided to the Emera question as per Globe and Mail), would it be fair to rank from best to worse as follows: FTS, BEP.UN, H, AQN, and than EMA? Thanks very much.
Read Answer Asked by umedali on March 10, 2022
Q: Hello Peter,
I am assuming Enbridge and TC Energy are going up due to higher oil prices and fortis and emera are safer places to be. In the long run, should i move some monies from Enbridge and TC energy to Fortis or Emera as they may have higher pricing power going forward when negotiating new rates? Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on March 08, 2022
Q: In my dividend portfolio, I have half positions in these stocks. Can you put them in order of which you would bring up to a full position first to last in light of their current value? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by TK on December 21, 2021
Q: Hi 5i.
Looking to boost the dividends in my Canadian equity portfolio by peppering in some preferred shares, Can you recommend 5 companies preferred shares that are buyable with an eye on safety, I currently have CSU.DB
Many thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Mark on November 29, 2021
Q: In a September 29th question I asked if Emera had missed estimates and you said they missed 4 out of the past 8 quarters. Yet I look at the chart and it keeps going up, currently hitting resistance at $60/share.

Why/How does it keep going up even though it has missed estimates when other utilities like AQN are getting hammered?

Read Answer Asked by David C. on November 24, 2021
Q: My wife and I are retired and rely on dividend income. In the event of a recession, including rising inflation and interest rates and a 20%+ decline in equity markets, how safe/sustainable does 5i view dividends from the named companies? With unrealized gains on all of these, are there any that 5i would suggest selling, accepting the taxable gain, and holding the cash for a rainy day? Thank you. Edward
Read Answer Asked by Edward on November 15, 2021
Q: For a longer term (5-10yr) dividend hold we currently own AQN and are wondering if adding or replacing it with another such as EMA, FTS or NPI is prudent given AQN's flaccid performance over the past 18 months.
Thank you for sharing your insight.
Read Answer Asked by Delbert on October 29, 2021
Q: I have held NPI in both registered and non-registered accounts for years. The stock price has more than tripled, so obviously I am happy with that, but I am now retired and invest mainly for dividends. NPI currently yields less than 3%, a bit low compared to some other power producers like EMA or CU (I already hold some CU but not EMA). NPI also seems to be struggling to get back to its past highs, and if it did then the yield percentage would be that much less. I am considering selling NPI in the registered account and replacing it with either EMA or CU (recognizing these 2 are not currently as strong in the renewable space).
Could you compare the dividend growth, dividend sustainability, debt levels and future stock growth potential of these 3 stocks, and comment on my plan.
Read Answer Asked by grant on October 19, 2021
Q: Hi, I have read that several U.K. utilities have recently collapsed given soaring wholesale natural gas prices and the inability to pass costs on to customers. Could the same thing happen here and if so which companies might be the most susceptible? Could any of the above companies be impacted? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Gary on September 27, 2021
Q: Please rate your top 5 electric Canadian utilities
1. for long term growth potential
2. for safety in a correction.
Read Answer Asked by Lawrence on September 16, 2021