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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My wife just started a tax free savings account. She recently bought ATZ and SHOP. Can you recommend a couple good Canadian stocks for her tax free? Also Is it fine to purchase US stocks in her Canadian account? Can you recommend a couple US stocks also.

Read Answer Asked by sean on March 08, 2023

Q: Besides csu what are the top canadian tech names with a good valuatin, good revenue, low debt and good growth potential

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 06, 2023

Q: Hi

What industries and stocks would you recommend for the Current Market Condition?


Read Answer Asked by Linda on March 01, 2023

Q: This question concerns a well diversified Canadian portfolio (~30 holdings), focused slightly toward growth.

Looking to add to positions in ATZ, DOO, BN, BAM, GSY, KXS, TRI, PBH and T as well as initiate a partial position in WELL, all for long term holds (5+ years).

Would you rate any of these as a wait-and-see rather than a buy today? Please rate (1-10) in terms of your conviction to buy today, along with suggested target buy range [great, okay].

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 28, 2023

Q: Please rank the above technical sectorequities that are in your Growth Portfolio for best expected performance for the next five years. Please provide comments on the top three to support your ranking.

Read Answer Asked by David on February 14, 2023

Q: Looking at adding to the 1% or less 'toe in the water' holdings that are part of larger diversified portfolio . Anything here that you wouldn't add to or would delay adding to ? Or, any that you would sell ?
Thank you , as always.

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on February 14, 2023

Q: Could you please rank the above tech stocks. I am trying reduce the number of stocks i have and I can't decide which of the above i should sell or trim.

Read Answer Asked by Neil on February 13, 2023

Q: Hi there,

CSU and BYD are probably the 2 best stocks over the last decade. Both have strong similarities also. If you were to pick a few stocks today that show similar promise, what would they be? Are there any future CSU and BYDs out there?


Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 09, 2023

Q: between these 4 names which one would you think would have a greater gain in 3 to 5 years and safer as well please because it is going in to my rrsp contribution for 2022 tax season. Thank you like alway's

Read Answer Asked by wilson on February 06, 2023

Q: I have space for 3 growth stocks in my TFSA. Looking at various sources, I found the above suggestions. Ideally, I am looking at 15-20% or more of annual earnings growth for the foreseeable future. How would you rank the above stocks, without regard for sectors, with a short explanation for the top 3. Also, any other suggestions? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Martin on February 06, 2023

Q: Hi 5i: Do you have any suggestions regarding Canadian AI and cyber security opportunities. Thank You.


Read Answer Asked by Tom on February 02, 2023

Q: Hi please name 5 top growth stocks with high earning increase . Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by victor on February 01, 2023

Q: Good day all!
We currently have the above stocks on the tech side of our registered and non-registered portfolios. Looking to bring our portfolio in balance with recommended weights.
Can you please suggest 2 new stocks each for non registered and TFSA account that are good buys now. Dividends welcomed but not necessary.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Roger on January 26, 2023

Q: Have just sold MAGT after the news of the takeover. Looking to use the funds to top up one of 4 smaller technology positions, KXS, NVEI, TIXT and TOI. Already have full positions in CSU and DSG. How would you rank KXS, NVEI, TIXT and TOI for an add now, and I would appreciate a couple of reasons for the one or two you like best. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 24, 2023