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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: New retiree caught with pants down. Need to sell some stuff in RIF to cover current cash needs. Horrible position to be in with current market. Lesson learnt. Maybe (tough to be on the sidelines in a bull market)
Please help with sell sequence, which I guess should be based on which of these holdings is least likely to see near term growth from here OR which is most susceptible to further declines in near future??

Please list in order starting with the holdings you think should be sold first, ending with the holdings you think should be retained longest, and advise your rationale. All will need to be liquidated by mid 2023

Your crystal ball will be better than mine.



Read Answer Asked by Jim on July 21, 2022

Q: If you had to pick only ten stocks or ETF's to hold forever which would they be?

Read Answer Asked by Ben on September 16, 2021

Q: I am looking to invest in an ETF for a period of 5 to 10 years and have a medium to high risk tolerance. Can you suggest 5 to 10 ETFs that should be considered? Thank you very much

Read Answer Asked by Don on July 22, 2021

Q: So I'm a lot less diversified than I thought and have something like 35+% of my investments in Tech. I have a good deal of money in XUS, XUU, and XAW. I thought I was getting diversification, but I didn't realize how heavily weighted in Tech (25% or more) these ETFs were. A few smaller investments (SKYY, IGV, GOOG) put me far more into the Tech space than I realized.

What's the best way to invest in broad ETFs without being so heavily invested into Tech? I feel like 20% is already a high weighting for this sector

Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 16, 2021

Q: Hello
Thinking of retiring and drawing the dividends from our RRSP to replace income from employment until age 71.
Would it make sense to sell the first 4 mentioned and buy only EQL.
This move would give us $5,000. more yearly income from dividends (before taxes).
I mentioned selling VIG because of the currency variability and EQL pays a higher dividend..
We would still maintain growth ETFs like IWO, ICLN, KWEB, PSCH etc.
Thank you for your time.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 09, 2021

Q: I need some help determining if/when I should sell some of my winners. I've more than doubled the money I invested in the above names and so I feel inclined to sell enough shares to recoup all/some of my initial investment. I'm worried that may be overly cautious though and I should hang onto the winners to see larger gains.

Can you outline some of the things I should be considering to help me make this call?
Is the better option to stay 'dispassionate' and just sell if any of these holdings rise well above a full position?
Given the price increases, I currently have a half-position in each of LSPD, WELL, PBX and a full position in each in SKYY and IGV.
Thanks for all the help, you have been really great guidance

Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 11, 2021

Q: My Grandson is 10 month old. Looking for a tech ETF for his RESP. Would you list your number 1 - 4 picks.

Read Answer Asked by David on January 06, 2021

Q: Hi there,
Hi there,
I am in the process of exploring the cloud computing sector to build a position with new money starting in the new year in my tfsa.
I don't mind risk at all, but am interested in growth longer term. Appreciate your thoughts on the outlook of the sector as a whole over the next 3 to 5 years.
Thanks so much for again contributing to my stock literacy over the past year and best of the season to all of you. Stay safe!

Read Answer Asked by Erna on December 30, 2020

Q: Hi

The Globe and Mail mentioned potential Cloud investment ideas today. CLOU-Q, WCLD-Q, SKYY and a new Canadian name DATA-T. I currently own Microsoft which gives me some Cloud exposure. I am wondering what your opinion would be to invest in this space?


Read Answer Asked by kim on December 14, 2020

Q: Hi 5i guys,
I came across the ETF EDGE from Evolve that is not in your database.
It looks intriguing as a vehicle (in CDN$) to invest in global innovative/disruptive companies. Am looking at it for a small portion of my TFSA.
Also noticed that Evolve is coming out with a new ETF in the near future called DATA.
Any information/opinion on EDGE and/or an alternative in the space is appreciated.
Thanks, Steve

Read Answer Asked by STEVEN on December 08, 2020

Q: Hi 5i, Of these ETFs will you please help me pick 3 you think had a better outlook, for a 3 years hold, I would think, now that the vaccine is ready, cloud etfs would slow down

Read Answer Asked by Fernando on November 25, 2020

Q: If you were to start an resp now, would you consider these etfs as suitable or a combination thereof,or do you have alternatives? Thanx.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on September 09, 2020

Q: Dear 5i,
I would like to spice-up my portfolios with small allocations to some small/mid-cap/thematic/sector ETFs. The Active ETF's can be sold on a US or CDN exchange and the holdings can be in any country. Can you suggest as many as you can so I can do some further research. (ie ARK products look interesting to me)

thanks for your suggestions

Read Answer Asked by Ian on July 31, 2020

Q: I have $40,000 US to invest for 5 -10 years. With half of that amount I would like to buy about four equity-based ETFs for capital appreciation. Some I have read about include QQQ , BBH, and VGT. Are these good choices? Please add other recommendations.
For the other half, I would like more income based ETFs with a sensible degree of risk, such as VIG. Please add other recommendations.
I am not interested in Canadian based ETFs but International based ETFs would be alright.
I do no previous experience with ETFs.

Read Answer Asked by George on June 16, 2020

Q: Would you know a particular ETF that might contain many of the above tech companies?
Thanks, Murray

Read Answer Asked by Murray on June 16, 2020