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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I held AVO in my TSFA account. Could you please recommend 1-2 stocks to replace it.

Thanks again for everything!!!

Read Answer Asked by David on February 05, 2018
Q: I am following the BE portfolio. In tech, I already own Constellation, Kinaxis and Photon. If I want to add to technology, which of CLS or SYZ should I choose at the moment? Any particular stock with good momentum? Last time you answered AVO but I was too late in purchasing. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Bernard on February 05, 2018
Q: Hi, wondering what you would suggest as best buys this week for short term gains given the decline in many sectors or stocks showing new momentum trends? And any long term holds being offered at a good discount to pick up? Thanks for all your good advice!
Read Answer Asked by Kim on January 29, 2018
Q: Celestica is now down 32% since I purchased it. Do you think the company will be able to turn things around over the next 12 months. I understand the premise of the company having cash in hand, but they have just been downgraded. How long do you think we will need to wait for it's recovery. Should I sell, hold, or double down on it's weakness?
Thanks Ben
Read Answer Asked by Ben on January 26, 2018
Q: I am following the BE portfolio. In tech, I already own Constellation and Kinaxis. If I want to add to technology, which of AVO, CLS or SYZ should I choose at the moment? Any particular stock with good momentum? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Bernard on January 25, 2018
Q: Hi Peter,

SIS has grown to about 9% of my portfolio from an initial 6% and wondering if you think there's any more upside? My full positions are 5-7% so wondering if I should continue to hold or trim my position?

On the other hand GUD is down 20% and wondering if I should add more here or start a new position in CLS (I'm low on tech) if I do trim SIS. All of these are/will be in my TFSA.

Also, wondering about ECN, what will it take for it to break out above $4? It seems to be stuck below $4 for a long time now. I hold this in my RRSP.

Thanks for your advice as always.
Read Answer Asked by K on January 15, 2018
Q: This list of companies from the Balanced Portfolio were all beaten up a bit last year. Which of these do you now consider buying opportunities? Are any of these on your list to watch & discard if performance doesn't improve? If I were to add some of these to my relatively diverse portfolio, how would you order them in terms of anticipated total returns?
Read Answer Asked by Gordon on January 12, 2018
Q: In a national post article, you mentioned that this could be the year of takeovers. I know you don't have a crystal ball but what stocks do you think could be attractive to a bigger player, e.g. the acquisition of Pure by Xlem. I note that Celestica appears real cheap but doesn't move. Perhaps someone might decide to come and buy this baby. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Helen on January 09, 2018
Q: How would you rate the following companies for growth to buy for my TFSA??
CLS, OTEX, ZCL, VET, PLI, TV, BUS, TDG. I really appreciate your considered opinion to help me make my decision. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Bob on January 05, 2018
Q: Need to add a full position to my TFSA. Currently own the above 5i covered stocks with KXS in my TFSA. What is your recommendation? Considering PBH, TOY, DOL.
Read Answer Asked by Chris on January 05, 2018
Q: I am missing above stocks in my Balanced portfolio. Whould you buy them today or in new year? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Hali on December 18, 2017