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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Greetings 5i team,
I understand that the context under which the 5i team will answer questions is critical. A view to SELL a stock in one instance does not necessarily contradict one to BUY given a different set of parameters / assumptions etc. However, a Q/A provided recently concerning FSZ has me scratching my head a bit.

It would seem to me that the answer endorsing SLF over (CIX, IGM and FSZ) was too dismissive of FSZ given that FSZ is in the Income Model Portfolio and a (B+) report was provided 30 May 2019, citing the many positive aspects of FSZ, and a mere nod to the 'generally slower growth asset management industry'. Your comments please?
Thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by Steve on October 01, 2019

Q: I have all three in a taxable account, both FSZ and CIX down quite a bit while IGM which I held for a long time with considerable gain. None of them is considerable weighting in my portfolio and I am contemplating between selling all and buying either SLF or MFC or consolidating them to only one. Reading answers to questions it appears that your preference is FSZ. But you also like SLF. I am looking for growth more than dividends, Any suggestions? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Saad on September 30, 2019

Q: Good morning...I have searched the internet and found the payout ratio of fsz at 60.62% is that correct. I have a 3% weighting in this stock and love the dividend as I am a senior that uses that dividend for expenses. Do you view a 3% weighting in this company proper considering its valuation and payout ratio...thank you..gene

Read Answer Asked by gene on August 22, 2019

Q: Hello Peter,
How do you view the earnings report from Altagas? Do you think it was better than what market has priced for? My conundrum is this. With a 4.7% dividend and an average price estimate of 22.10 we are looking at an approx return of 10% with the risk factor reduced considerably - rate cut by BoC, current quarter performance and deleveraging. However, I can take a tax loss and put the money in BEP which I do not own. What would you suggest?
On FSZ, you have a B+ rating for a dividend in excess of 7% and above average growth prospect within the sector. An answer to a question recently, you seem to think that it is strictly income. When I look at the average analyst price estimates of 15, that is about 40% upside. With the dividend factored in, that would be a steal. I have held it for a few years and down on it a bit. Even if you do not agree with the analysts on price, would you still factor in some growth and hence would you modify your opinion - buy for dividend, stability, growth and a 15-20% total return?
Appreciate your opinion as always.

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on August 02, 2019

Q: I have about 20% cash in my TFSA. Other holdings are AQN, MSI, BPY, ENB and CGX. Would like to deploy about half the cash into one of AFN, NFI, CGY or FSZ. What would your pick be?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on July 24, 2019

Q: Open Text has apparently entered into recent deals with Google and Mastercard. Are these probably already baked into the price or would you still anticipate good growth?
Regarding FSZ can you clarify the scary PE? Why is it still considered a safe income stock? Many thanks.


Read Answer Asked by Harvey on July 12, 2019

Q: I bought FSZ in early May looking for a lower risk financial company to add to my portfolio of BAM, TD, BNS, SLF, GSY.
FSZ is now down 10% since purchase and still slowly dropping. Would you suggest I sell and move on and add to one of my other financials or add something else, or hold on to FSZ. If another financial, what would you suggest.
I am still looking for a lower risk financial equity holding.

Read Answer Asked by David on July 09, 2019

Q: How much growth (price + dividend growth) are you expecting individually from these dividend stocks in the next 3-5 years? Please arrange these stocks with the most growth to the least growth.

Read Answer Asked by Dev on May 28, 2019

Q: Good Afternoon,

I am looking at raising some cash. Of the above, which 3 would be your sell preference, in order of 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Larry on May 23, 2019

Q: Thanks for your prompt answer on FSZ this morning, agree overall results and the transaction are a net positive. As a followup, I see that Mr. Desjardins (DJM Capital) has sold close to $30 mill. of FSZ shares as part of the transaction. Any concerns regarding this divestiture?
Also, "A favourable decision was obtained from the Autorité des marchés financiers to exempt Fiera from the issuer bid requirements of securities laws applicable to the Share Repurchase" please explain.
Thanks again,

Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 10, 2019