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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi,
Looking to decrease the number of holdings in the above listed stocks. Which 2 would you sell?
Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Brent on April 18, 2019
Q: I am curious about the parameters of "cyclicality" when it comes to different sectors. For example, the chip stocks (including AMAT) are apparently down because of a cyclical decline across them all. In this industry, how long does such a cycle typically run? In comparison, for example, to the commodities cyclicality, which can be many years (I have heard 10-15). Your answer will help me decide whether to take a tax loss on AMAT or hold on for a year or two. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Marcia on November 02, 2018
Q: I read the blog post on best US dividends.

5) IVZ - Invesco Ltd
4) AMAT - Applied Materials
3) T - AT&T
2) WBA - Walgreens Boots Alliance
1) CAH - Cardinal Health

What do you think of these? If I bought US Cash now to get some exposure are these relatively safe to hold for income and potential growth in the next 1 Ė 5 years?

I searched past questions on a few of these and I didnít necessarily see 5i recommending them. Interested to know your thoughts / ranking.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on June 08, 2018
Q: Hello,
Once a while 5i Research Blog has posted some articles from Mr. Nick Mccallum. I am wondering how is his Sure Dividend track records. Does 5i Research endorse Nick Mccallumís recommendations. Like most recent one, he give 5 best dividend stocks in S&P 500 (IVZ, AMAT, T, WBA, CAH) to buy. I would like to know your thought for these 5 stocks. To me the wording sounds promotional.
Read Answer Asked by Victor on June 06, 2018
Q: Hi guys,
I own TEAM, JPM, AMAT, GRUB, and AAPL in my RRSP. Each are 4-5% weightings with the exception of AAPL which is 10%. I've owned AAPL for years but I've acquired the other 4 companies within the past 2 months.
AAPL - up 140%, TEAM - down 10% (on yesterday's earnings miss), GRUB - down 10%, JPM - down 5%, AMAT - down 5%.
Do you see any issues with any of these companies? Would you HOLD all or recommend adding to or selling any.
I like to buy and hold long term and have no issues with patience. I just want to be sure that there are no red flags on any of these companies that I am missing...or if I should be viewing their recent drops as a buying opportunity.
thanks for the excellent service.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on April 23, 2018
Q: Hi team,
I used to own MU about 10 years ago but never made any money on it. The stock was stuck in the doldrums for years. Back then it seems they had no pricing power, semiconductors were just a commodity and there were not as many uses for the product. Now there seems to be many more potential uses in future automotive design, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and many others. I missed the big run for MU the last 2 years or so (canít be everywhere in the market). I am also following AMAT which also had a big run. What are the prospects of these two going forward in 2018 and would you buy either one today? Is there better pricing power in the industry or is it just sales volumes with the many new uses that is driving the huge price gains? Am I too late to the party?

I have some technology stocks (no semiconductors) but I am not too concerned with sectors or weightings at this time as I tend to let things run a bit until I cut back (or the market does it for me).

Thanks again,
Read Answer Asked by Dave on January 05, 2018