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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I already own AMAT with good gains.
Would you be adding at this point perhaps MU or LRCX? Or do you think the industry had a good run and the gains are done? Is sentiment against them now or this is just a hiccup? I know only time will tell but I would value your take on it.
Read Answer Asked by JR on November 30, 2017
Q: Hi 5i,

With regards to Applied Materials (Amat) the 2 most recent questions on your website are from June and August of this year. I am wondering what your current thoughts are regarding this company with items such as Free Cash Flow, Earnings Growth, Debt, Cash Position, Management, P/E, it is overbought at this time etc.

In this sector, would you prefer another company such as Nvidia or any other companies that I should be looking into?

Thanks. Love your service!
Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 24, 2017
Q: Looking for growth, I seem to have overdone it in the tech sector which is now near 30% of my portfolio. I assume you will tell me to rebalance, the question is how best to go about it to maintain a growth portfolio while reducing duplicates stocks. My tech names are as follow: itc-t 1%, aaoi-q 2%,amat-q 3%,nvda 1%,shop-t 1%,bkd-x 1%, syz-x 1%,kxs 3%,sq-n 1%,goog-q 3%, fb-q 3%,momo-q 3%,cohr-q 2%,cgnx-q 1%,pho-t 1%,pur-t 2%. Grateful for your suggestions.
Please deduct the number of crédits you deem appropriate.
Read Answer Asked by Jacques on August 08, 2017