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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I acquired shares of HR.UN twice in 2013 and then in 2018 such that I now have 500 shares at a cost basis of $21.28 per share. So I have a capital gain of only 3.6% now, but of course have harvested dividends on a monthly basis all that time. Obviously I am a 'buy and hold' type of investor predominantly.
I am retired and this holding is in my RIF so the dividend income is very relevant to me.
Is it time to switch into another REIT for the next 7 y or so or should I just stay where I am, in your opinion. If I was to sell, what would be your top 3 REITs to consider with no regard to type of property holdings?
With thanks, gary

Read Answer Asked by Gary on February 06, 2020

Q: I've held Artis Reit in my RRSP for quite a few years. I'm thinking of replacing it with H&R Reit. My thinking is H&R Reit:
1) has higher quality assets
2) is almost 4 times the size of Artis Reit (base on market cap)
3) pays a larger dividend
4) is at least as diversified geographically and by asset type (office, retail, industrial, and residential) as Artis Reit

I have two questions:
1) Is H&R just now heading into the problem of too much concentration in Alberta that Artis went through over the last few years (so this may not be the right time for the switch)?
2) Is Artis share price going to appreciate over the next qtr or two from its divestiture of properties at above the REITs NAV? If so, maybe waiting a qtr or two before switching would be better.

As always, I appreciate your insights.
All the best to the 5i Research team in 2020!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 12, 2020

Q: I see that for NTR and HR.UN the RSI is entering oversold territory. What importance do you place in the RSI for a company when considering a buy or sell? I am considering buying these two companies at these levels, would you recommend a purchase now? I am surprised at the sinking stock price of HR.UN compared to other REITs, do you see a particular reason for this? Thank you for your great work.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 27, 2019

Q: In the Real Estate Investment Trust sector rank them from best first on down? Interrent, Riocan, Granite, Broadwalk, and H&R Also give some color why they would be better than the others?

Read Answer Asked by Herbert on October 29, 2019

Q: Hi 5i, I do not have any real estate exposure in my portfolio or own any real estate assets. My portfolio includes a range of stocks such as SHOP, MELI, PYPL, SQ as well as BNS, DIS and BIP:UN, CNR as some examples.
It seems like there could be a lot of future growth in Atlantic Canada and I am wondering about KMP.UN. I have a small portfolio so would appreciate any suggestions you have for some real estate exposure with growth. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Laura on October 02, 2019

Q: I wrote to you on Thursday, asking if you could recommend a couple of ETFs holding Chinese companies, one US and one CAD. I have not yet heard back from you. I also wonder if you could recommend one or two CAD REITs. I have none in my portfolio. Something that will continue to do well in a down economy is my preference.
Thank you.

I notice that when I wrote on Thursday, it said I had 65 questions, and now I have 64. But since my question was not answered, or at least, I was not notified that it was answered, this seems a bit odd.

Read Answer Asked by Elizabeth on September 11, 2019

Q: I own these 4 REITS. Can you tell me what percentage of their distribution is return of capital, please


Read Answer Asked by Carl on July 17, 2019

Q: I am overweight in real estate and currently hold both HR.UN and BPY.UN. If I were to reduce my holdings, do you have a preference for holding one over the other (or go equal weight)?

With the current market volatility, would it be better to wait before rebalancing.

Your thoughts please.

Thanks for the great Service.


Read Answer Asked by J Stephen on May 29, 2019

Q: The general objective for my portfolio is quality, dividend growth. Thinking about the REIT portion of my portfolio and recognizing that REIT dividends do not present the best growth opportunity, I am reviewing H&R REIT and Riocan REIT, both of which appear to be in repositioning mode. I could just hang in with them. Or I could sell one and buy an industrial REIT. Qs:
- should I hang in on both? (I am in the money on both).
- if I were selling one, which would you sell?
- of the Canadian industrial REITs, is Dream Industrial your favourite?
- would you consider Dream Industrial (or your preferred industrial REIT) of equivalent quality to H&R and Riocan?

Read Answer Asked by Carl on May 16, 2019

Q: I'm about to add a bit of money to my portfolio and have been starting to look at REI.UN, NWH.UN, HR.UN, TNT.UN. I currently have only BTB.UN as a REIT in my portfolio. I'm looking to supplement my monthly income. Any advice as I start the research process into these companies is much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Owen on May 10, 2019