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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I would like to add a mix of income stocks to my portfolio (for a 5-10yr hold) which has been primarily growth oriented and comprised of a number of 5iís BE Model Portfolio names.
a) Could you please rank the above listed stocks for dividends with preference for long term yoield of at least 4-5%, and growth back to YTD highs over the next year or two. Moderate to high risk is okay.
b) List any particular concerns you see with any of them.
c) Your suggestions for 1-2 better names in the current market to represent sectors such as utilities, financials, Telecoms, Reits, and ndustrials would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your wisdom and guidance over these unprecedented times.

Read Answer Asked by Alvin on April 16, 2020

Q: To a recent question I asked, 5i responded: "Some REITs, if they distribute a large portion of income as return of capital, can still be attractive outside of registered plans. But this also relates to our preference for growth inside a TFSA (REITs are typically slower growth)." I checked my TFSA portfolio, and some of my REITs' distributions are comprised almost entirely of ROC (Allied [AP.UN], Chartwell [CSH.UN], Dream [D.UN]), whereas others' (Choice [CHP.UN], H&R [HR.UN], Riocan [REI.UN]) are almost all otherwise taxable income. So I gather from your previous answer that the former type of REITs (Allied, Chartwell, Dream) shouldn't, generally speaking, be held within a TFSA, is that your view/advice? Also, more generally, so I better understand this issue-- what is the main business/accounting reason(s) why some companies' distributions are primarily ROC? Generally speaking, is one versus the other type of REIT (with respect to proportion of ROC within the distribution) a "better" investment, all other factors being equal (i.e., is there any general investment "rule" here)?

Read Answer Asked by Ted on April 13, 2020

Q: I am retired and have both a cash and RIF account. In my cash account are the big 5 Banks, T & BCE, FRU & IPL. I see that IPL has cut the dividend & FRU has a "1,437% Pay out Ratio (PoR)!! I have mostly REITs in my RIF & EXE & CHE.
I'm not concerned re the banks or telecoms but the PoR of FRU, CHE & EXE are of concern to me. I also feel that in the longer term, the REITs will survive especially with interest rates so low. Also, to replace IPL would you consider PPL
Your thoughts please.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 09, 2020

Q: My wife and I are seniors drawing from our RRIF's and we are 'buy and hold' type of investors and need income. Your recommendations to 'harvest' capital losses is something that we have not really done previously but this suggestion is resonating with us now. If we were to do this I think we would look for 'proxy' purchases for at least the 30 day waiting period before we could repurchase the same equities if we wished.
Could you suggest some appropriate 'proxy holdings' we should be aware of for the following equities?
1. The REITs HR.UN, BPY.UN......would ZRE be a good holder?
2. EXE
3. POW
4. FM
5. MTY
Please use my question credits as appropriate. With thanks

Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 02, 2020

Q: I currently own positions in ADW.A , SIS and HR.UN in my TFSA.
I am thinking about adding to these positions.
What would be your order of preference with the fact that you do not plan on selling any of these in the next 5 years

Read Answer Asked by James on March 25, 2020

Q: Hi 5i Research Team:

I have traded Forex before and am new to stock trading. 90% of my RRSP, RESP and TFSA is in cash and I'd like to avail the current market conditions by "gradually" buying the dips.. and holding it over the long term, 5 to 10 years. I understand that no one can time the market or its bottom.

After exploring the reports and questions on your site, I have identified the enclosed 29 stocks based on following criteria:
- Current Retracements of > 75% over 52 week high & low
- Dividend Yield > 5% (in some cases, like WEED, which is a bit risky, I understand there's no dividend in the near term.. and I am simply going for the upside swing over the next 2 years... same for CRON and Air Canada)

Considering my 90% cash position and strategy to partially buy in on dips over the next few weeks, can you please advise if my stock selection is sound. In addition to my stock picks, please advise anything else that I should keep in mind.

Thanks for everything you do. Much appreciate.

Read Answer Asked by Meherban on March 23, 2020

Q: Hi Peter and Staff

If we end up in a longer (say 1-2 year recession) can you provide any comments as to which of the following could suffer most or least from vacancies or unpaid rent based on their tenants ?


I guess I am also asking which one (s) appear to have been beaten up too much in relation to the others and why

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on March 20, 2020

Q: Could I get your take on REITs at these levels. I thought they would have held up much better in this current meltdown. Are investors just dumping them because they think tenants are going bankrupt and default on their lease agreements? What is your opinion on FCR.UN? or do you prefer HR.UN? Thanks Ron

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on March 18, 2020

Q: Please comment briefly as appropriate on the above stocks covered by 5i. Add,sell or hold? 1)EIF 1.5% position/ p/p$44 / Investment a/c. Recent big drop to $32.19 2)SU 1% / $42.59 / RIF. Sharp drop in oil price 3)AW.un 1.5% /$43.63 /Inv.a/c. 4)Real 2% / $14.25 / Tfsa. Sharp drop today. 5)STC 1% / $2.47 /Tfsa. Down since recent Q. 6)Ray.a 1.5% / $9.70 / Rif. Down trend.Decent results,but no love. 7)Qst 1.5% /$5.01/ Rif. Very sharp drop last few days. 8)Hr.un 3.5% / $21.33 / Rif. Its building in Calgary is leased to Ecana,now IVV( US$2.60.) Thanks for u usual great services & views

Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 16, 2020

Q: Good morning 5i
H&R owns a 33% interest in ECHO, a privately held real estate and development company that owns a portfolio of grocery-anchored shopping centres in Pennsylvania and Ohio. H&R receives updates on ECHO's results "one month in arrears".
Does 5i have any information on the quality of this portfolio, and/or on the financial strength of H&R's partners? Does 5i view ECHO as a solid piece of H&R's overall asset base, or more of a question mark?
Thank you for your input.

Read Answer Asked by Edward on March 03, 2020

Q: Gentlemen,
I hold the above four REIT's. I plan to sell REI.UN. With the proceeds and new cash I would like to increase the HR.UN and BPY:US positions and add two additional REIT's. For these I am considering DIR.UN, FCR.UN, IIP.UN. or any of your suggestions. These 5 REIT's would represent 10% of my portfolio.
I appreciate you input.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Werner on February 21, 2020