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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hello 5i team:
Without editorializing or getting too “grumpy old man”, it seems we have a productivity issue in Canada, and now a labour force participation and perhaps also a work ethic issue. Every employer where I reside is bemoaning “people problems”.
I’m wondering if you have done any work on identifying companies that generate high free cash flow with relatively fewer employees? I know you have mentioned ATA in the past as maybe a way to play the theme, but I’m thinking of companies that are already there because of the nature of their business.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on July 25, 2022

Q: Looking at some Canadian companies that are involved in various aspects of consumer activity such as retail, investing, borrowing. Please rate each of the following on a scale of 1-10 for desirability for a 5+ year hold in a well diversified portfolio. Looking for good total return with a higher than average tolerance for share price volatility. These would not be core positions. CF, EQB, GOOS, NFI, PBI, PLC, TSU, TOY, ZZZ.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 18, 2022

Q: Similar question to the one I asked yesterday. This is regarding some small/medium sized consumer and consumer-related type Canadian stocks. How would you feel about holding each of these stocks in your portfolio, on a 1-10 scale, with a 10 being you definitely want the stock in your portfolio, a 1 being a stock you want no part of, and a 5 being a stock you are basically indifferent about. As part of broadly diversified portfolio, looking for total return over the next 5+ years, comfortable with risk. ACQ, AW.UN, DOO, ECN, GOOS, HTL, LNF, MTY, SIS, SVI, ZZZ.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on March 12, 2021

Q: Are there any names you could recommend that have cut dividends, but are likely to reinstate in a post-covid world such that yields against todays share price would be very attractive?

Read Answer Asked by Rick on October 06, 2020

Q: The price of Sleep Country Canada (ZZZ:CA) has declined more steeply than some other stocks in the recent rout and has a good dividend. I've read your latest comments on this country from a post back in January.
Do you think that when the dust settles that ZZZ will be able to rebound quickly and reach its previous levels and is the dividend reasonably safe at current levels.

Read Answer Asked by John on March 31, 2020

Q: Good Day Team
I have held these two stocks for a few years and have never seen them go past the level that I purchased them for.
So have been on the sinking end. I want to grow my portfolio and these seem to be losers.
Should I hold on to them or is it time to sell.
Thank you,
John G.

Read Answer Asked by John on January 15, 2020