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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Ryan i note that you hold nwc in your income portfolio as do I .
My research is starting to indicate a value trap.
Then amount of volume of business that amazon is doing in the high North is increasing ten fold year over year to the point that post office are looking more like grocery warehouse.
Nwc return and sales are dropping faster than once thought.
I have reduced my position my half and am currently considering exiting in full.
It is further exasperated further when grocers in the south start getting government handouts .The competitiveness edge of the high north is disappearing
Kind regards

Read Answer Asked by Stan on April 16, 2019

Q: 7:42 AM 3/25/2019
I am looking to invest in 10 or 12 of these companies for a very long time: RY, CM, BNS, CNR, SU, CNQ, NTR, ET, NWC, FTS, EMA, NPI, AQN, BIP.UN, BEP.U, ENB, TRP, PPL.

I am concerned to select companies with the highest probability of surviving a severe recession intact while continuing to sustain or increase dividends over the next 10+ years.

I fear some may have too much debt or other "hidden" problems to survive a major downturn so could you please comment on debt levels and vulnerability.

Could you please arrange them in order of "security of income", safest first, and maybe single out any weak ones. I am not overly concerned about future price fluctuations as long as dividends can be sustained.

I quite realize these are not the same as government bonds and do not have the same levels of safety. I intend to hold them purely for rising income with no intention of selling.
Thank you............. Paul K

Read Answer Asked by Paul on March 25, 2019

Q: what would be you top five CAD equities that you would purchase that have a significant dividend and some growth that do not include the financial or energy sectors

Read Answer Asked by David on March 18, 2019

Q: Regarding the recent earnings report for this company you had mentioned competition as being part of the reason the stock price responded so negatively. My impression was that NWC had a competitive advantage, and was a somewhat "moat-like" stock. Would this be a false assumption? Are there any concerns here that would suggest a dividend growth investor should sell and look elsewhere?

Read Answer Asked by James on March 18, 2019

Q: My portfolio is light in consumer non-cyclicals. Last week I was considering the purchase of NWC for dividend in my non registered account. With the recent earnings release and drop in price is this a good entry point or should I move on?

Would PBH be a better choice? Or is there a better non-financial dividend payer to add to my portfolio?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by J Stephen on March 18, 2019

Q: In an earlier answer you quoted the NWC release that stated Q3 EPS at 78 cents and well above consensus of 53 cents. I use Thompson Reuters data and they adjust occasionally for unusual items. In this case the adjusted EPS for NWC is 49 cents. I presume this is due to the insurance claim revenue being removed from the earnings. Do you always take the reported EPS or do you adjust for extraordinary items such as this at times and if so when? Could you comment further on this to clarify as without using consistent data we are not much further ahead than using no data. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on December 14, 2018

Q: God Morning
I would appreciate your thoughts on the 3rd qtr results of NWC. They look exceptionally good at first glance but income includes a $17million insurance settlement partly for business interruption. When that is reversed out and the comparative periods adjusted, how does the quarter look to you and what do you think of the company going forward?
Many thanks for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on December 12, 2018

Q: I currently have half positions in the above stocks. I would like to bring some or all up to a full position. I am income focused with some growth. Can you advise me on which to add to and time frame please?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Martin on October 12, 2018

Q: I am looking to add some consumer cyclical and consumer discretionary stocks to my income portfolio as I am very light in these areas. I am looking for something with 2%+ yield, growing dividends and some growth. Which stocks would you recommend today for 3- 5+ year hold.
Thanks so much

Read Answer Asked by Nancy on August 09, 2018

Q: Hi, Peter and Ryan, I am in a postion to adjust my well diversified portfolio by adding to 2 of the above currently owned companies or additionally adding RME to the portfolio. My cash position is 4.6% at this time. What is your recommendation today? Alternatively there is no rush so do I wait a bit longer.

Read Answer Asked by Martin on April 23, 2018