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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: With respect to Ben's question, as long as he keeps documentation of the January 2020 conversion price and his 2020 tax return he will not have to pay double tax on the CG when he does sell BYD. CRA will have that information in their files as well. As long as you have supporting documentation CRA will not double tax you. Ignore the T5008 if it shows ACB of $49. When you call CRA, you typically get the most junior clerk.

Read Answer Asked by stephen on October 15, 2021

Q: Hi 5i. I was wondering if you or other members can provide insight on the following tax issue.

I bought Boyd Group Income fund in 2015 ($49/share) in my BMO InvestorLine account. When it converted to a corporation on Jan 1, 2020, my understanding was that it triggered a capital gains event at the conversion price of $202 and that I would have to declare this gain and pay taxes on it in 2020 even if I did not actually sell any of my shares. So I did this, even though I retain all my shares to date.

My issue is that for the 2020 tax year, I did not receive any documentation of the conversion in any brokerage trading summary document or issued T5008 slips, and my investment account still shows the original Cost value of $49.

I called CRA as I was concerned that when I eventually sell the Boyd Group Services shares in the future, the T5008 slip would reflect the original cost value and CRA will claim I need to once again pay capital gains taxes based on the original $49 instead of $202/share.

What CRA told me basically confirmed what I was afraid of -- that is, their assessment will be based purely on information issued on the brokerage T5008 slips and that the cost value would most likely reflect the original $49 share price rather than $202. So I may either have to pay these capital gains taxes again when I do sell, or get reassessed and get a notice saying I owe the CRA additional taxes if I use $202 as the new cost base and deal with the consequences.

Iím wondering if you have any thoughts on this. Also, if any of your other members are in a similar situation, having already paid taxes on this conversion while still holding on to their original Boyd Group services shares and if so, what they did or intend to do.

Many thanks, Ben

Read Answer Asked by Benjamin on October 15, 2021

Q: I'm somewhat concerned that we'll see more COVID this fall and I wouldn't mind trimming my portfolio of positions less able to benefit (short term). Boyd Income Fund comes top of mind due to people driving (crashing) less and it is also one of my larger positions (4.5%) but also still up (50%). Can you provide me with a quick note on how they've been doing this year (business, not stock price) and how significantly their revenues have been impacted? What is their outlook like?

Honestly, they seem to me to have held up better than I might have expected...


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on August 18, 2020

Q: I have these 13 stocks at equal weighting of approximately 5 percent each in my RSP, along with 35 percent in fixed income. Stock value of approx 1,300,000. Fixed income is approx 650,000. Cash 50,000. In your valued opinion, is the above stock selection diversified enough?, or are there other sectors I should be in. I am 69 and going to retire in the next year.

Read Answer Asked by Allan on July 07, 2020

Q: Hi, first I wanted to thank you for this amazing service, I am so glad I discovered 5i!
I recently sold my business and have 10+ years before retirement. I now want to deploy this cash to build my retirement portfolio, I don't need any income from this portfolio for 10 years.
I carefully reviewed your Balanced and Income portfolios. With much improved valuations for many stocks in these portfolios, what are your suggestions for 10 best (in terms of possible appreciation) individual stocks or ETFs for a non-registered portfolio. Either from your sample portfolios or not, US or CDN.
Thanks again!

Read Answer Asked by Laura on April 09, 2020

Q: My Cibc Investors Edge transactions on Jan 8 shows common shares received/trust units surrendered through merger- 300 shs-$60,900 indicating a disposition price of $203.00. Is this price correct?
Boyd was purchased in a non registered account in November,2013 at a costi just below $30.00 so income taxes I will have to pay by April 30 2021 will be substantial as I currently have no losses to offset
Any ideas?

Read Answer Asked by Terry on January 31, 2020

Q: Ignoring taxes, cash requirements, sector allocation, on a straight-up basis, for a minimum one-year hold, which of the above-listed equities would it be prudent to currently sell,buy, or hold? Thank You

Read Answer Asked by Harold on January 23, 2020

Q: I have owned Boyd for the past year in a non registered account and have realized capital gains due to the conversion this month. I also own GIL in the same account. Just wondering for tax loss selling if I should sell GIL now to offset the Boyd gain a bit. I intend to buy back GIL after the 30 days. Do you think I should wait a bit or is now a good time to do this?

Read Answer Asked by Everett on January 20, 2020

Q: You answered a question on the disposition price for BYD.UN conversion to BYD saying that the company has announced the conversion price and that the last trading price for BYD,UN was $202. I own some BYD.un in a TD Direct account and TD indicates that the price on disposition is $215.77 and that is the ACB on new BYD shares. I cannot find a reference to disposition/conversion price on any releases or on the BYD website.. Would you have a reference for the correct price?

Read Answer Asked by richard on January 12, 2020

Q: Both of these companies are up significantly over the past year. Could you highlight what your rationale is for purchasing at these levels, and valuations. I am thinking of acquiring both, but want to understand more clearly.
Will there be a report update in near future for CSU?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on December 18, 2019

Q: Hi, I understand, Boyd units will be converted to a corp, as at Jan 2, 2020. Capital gains will need to be reported(Tax Tear 2020) for a Non Regd account, based on the closing price of Dec/31/2019 ( I think). Most of our BYD.un (6% of portfolio) is held in Non Regd account and it will generate a huge Capital Gain. Two questions:
1. Based on the RRSP/TFSA contribution room available, will it make sense to move some shares to registered accounts for future growth.
2. The only tax loss shares we have are, BAD, AW.un and Rogers. Which ones should be used to offset gains ?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on December 17, 2019

Q: I have 13 positions "growth" stocks portfolioat different weighting performing prity well accept for SQ & NFLX both 15% down.
CSU- 17.3%
LSPD- 10.8%
BYD.un- 3.7%
KL- 5.7%
KXS- 2.8%
AQN- 3.8%
ADBE- 8.6%
AMZN- 9.6%
SQ- 5.9%
NFLX- 5.6%
MA- 12.4%
MSFT- 7.8%
AYX- 6.6%
I have 40K kash to invest and Im thinking of buying new 5% possition of GSY and addinng 1.5% to BYD.UN or to KXS. What is your opinion and mayby different sugestion for new stock names and adding to different positions.
Thanks for excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Andrzej on December 11, 2019