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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello,
Your Feb. 9 blog about finding quality stocks had a lot of Gold companies on the list with low P/E's, low debt, and 3 yrs of positive growth in earnings.
For a TFSA that has no Gold exposure currently, which of these small-cap & mid-caps has really good momentum now and is well positioned for more growth in the coming 2-3 years? And which has a solid portfolio of mines in production now?
Thanks for your guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 16, 2021

Q: I had no inflation protection in my portfolio so I bought KL. Analyzing the stock my eyes saw $$. Is it just me or is there a serious price mismatch in the market with this company? I know you side with AEM but its a lot more expensive. Can you talk me out of buying more if the price keeps going down?

Read Answer Asked by David on February 10, 2021

Q: 5i has stated in the past that the above companies have no debt (LNF "very little debt") - is that still the case? If possible, can you please name 5 additional good CAN and 5 US companies that have no debt or very little?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on February 08, 2021

Q: 3 questions regarding gold:
(1) I currently hold XGD for the long term, with a dividend of about 0.68%. Would I be better to hold 2-3 really good gold mining stocks, in a non-reg acct, like KL (div 1.99%; no debt) and AEM (div 1.97%). Or with this long-term investment, stay diversified with XGD? I care more about stability, value and some growth, not the dividend.
(2) Should I also hold some physical gold in an ETF like PHYS? If so, what percentage of gold holdings would you have in gold producers vs physical gold?
(3) A friend of mine holds some physical gold at home. Comments on this appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Grant on February 08, 2021

Q: In the past year, INK Reports show company officer and director insider net selling activity levels for AEM, AGI, PGM and WDO are significantly higher than levels for KL and MMX. I realize there are many reasons why insiders might decide to sell, but is it a red flag for investors when net selling activity reaches the levels exhibited by company officers and directors of AEM, AGI, PGM and WDO?

Read Answer Asked by Ann on February 05, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
I have an appropriate portfolio weight in Gold and Silver all of it leveraged through equity in producer companies big and small.
I want to do a seasonal trade in gold and cannot decide if it should be in physical metal, streaming company -WPM or producers leveraged to the price of the metal. What would you suggest? And if it is in gold producers, could you give me your top two suggestions.

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on December 31, 2020

Q: Good morning, as a relatively young retired investor I'm still leaning vs growth. As a portfolio year end adjustment I would like to hike my exposure to materials by approx 1%. Having said that my gold exposure has suffered and now sits at less that 3%. I own LUN at 2%. Where would you add ? In real estate I have a 2% in DIR and 1% in TCN.. Would like to add to maybe 5% of portfolio. Dividends are welcome but not a necessity since I can buy in either my Cash or in my RIFF account. New suggestions are welcome since your expertise gave me handsome results since I've subscribed to your services.

Stay safe,


Read Answer Asked by Yves on December 29, 2020

Q: Looking to add some above gold/miners to my TFSA. Of the companies listed above please rank strongest to weakest and are there any above that you would add/delete? My RRSP holds FNV (full position). Is it best to hold these companies in Canadian or US in the TFSA?
Please deduct as many points as required.
Thanks, Lexi

Read Answer Asked by Lexi on December 16, 2020

Q: could you name 3 0r 4 canadian cimpanies that have increased there earnings by 20 per cent or more over the last 3 years thanks

Read Answer Asked by terrance on December 09, 2020

Q: Hi,
I am trying to look at the stocks I own , not merely as 'stocks" but rather as an investment in a good business. When I look at it that why, I am inclined not to sell indiscriminately irrespective if the stocks have gone up or not. Generally, if I do sell, I realize that I had made a terrible mistake in doing so, after the fact.
To my limited knowledge I do look to 5i for guidance.
Would you consider the stocks I have listed , to be those that represent "good businesses" and that are worth holding even 5 or 10 years out?


Read Answer Asked by ilie on December 09, 2020

Q: Last week KL announced that they had entered into an agreement to sell almost all the shares that they held in NVO at $2.45 with warrants at $2.80.

My questions are:

1. Has the brokerage assumed control of the shares, or can they back out of the deal, seeing as how NVO shares are now only $2.14?

2. Based on the cash that KL currently has, can you give me tow good reasons why they bailed on NVO at a steep loss?

3. Has E. Sprott bailed as well?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on November 30, 2020

Q: Hi Peter and Ryan,
I own above stocks and represent 6% weight in my total portfolio. The stocks have came down a bit with recent weakness on the gold and silver movement. Should I trim down some of the position? I am still in profit but worry that these stocks may go down further. thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Kate on November 23, 2020