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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello,

I currently own SRU.UN (SmartCentres REIT). I like the dividend but I am interested in capital growth as well.

Do you recommend keeping SRU.UN or to switch to CHR (Chorus Aviation) or EFN (Element Fleet Management) ?

Or, do you have a better recommendation for a stock which has has a good income, dividend growth and capital growth?

I have over a 5 year time horizon.

Thank you as always for the financial insights.

Read Answer Asked by Marc on August 02, 2018

Q: At 75 years of age I am not comfortable holding a full portfolio of stocks in a world that is so dependent on tweets from a malevolent idiot. Thus I have moved a large portion of my holdings to cash, and have built a GIC ladder as my main attempt at capital preservation. I am now looking for stocks or ETFs that provide good income with a relatively low risk of capital loss. SRU.UN was recommended on BNN recently, in particular because Walmart represents about 1/4 of its holdings. Does this rationale make sense to you, and do you think SRU would be suitable for my new capital preservation portfolio? Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your great advice, as always.

Read Answer Asked by Roland on July 31, 2018

Q: Hello.

I own Smart Real Estate Investment Trust and I am wondering if I should hold or sell it. I had bought it, when it was called Calloway, since 2008. Dividends have been reinvested since my first purchase.

Since bricks and mortar retail stores are under pressure and interest rates are rising, should I sell SRU.UN or keep on holding it? I am interested in capital growth with some income, but if the prospects for SRU.UN are not good, I prefer to sell it even though it pays out a good dividend.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Marc on July 18, 2018

Q: I have about a 3% position in HR.UN and a 4% position in SRU.UN. Both pay a good dividend but I'm down about 9% in both. Perhaps I should switch to a residential or industrial Reit for more growth potential. Any suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by John on July 04, 2018

Q: For the income section of a moderate risk income growth portfolio what are your thoughts on these predominantly retail stocks. Please also rank with respect to current price. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by David on June 11, 2018

Q: i have roughly more than 100 thousand investment room in rrsp resp and TFSA. i am thinking buy some reit or stock?

pls help me>


Read Answer Asked by liang on March 05, 2018

Q: Hello 5i Team.
I own these stocks for the dividend, in sectors that are currently getting hit due to rising interest rates (I assume). From your point of view, is it best, if one needs the income, to not be concerned with losing equity value and just continue collecting the dividend and hope that over time, these stocks will recover? Or is it best to sell and research other options. (I am 66 years young). Please also rate these stocks from best to least in terms of dividend safety and growth potential. Thank you for your wise advice.

Read Answer Asked by Jocelyne on February 27, 2018

Q: Could you please rate from best to worst. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Anne on January 03, 2018

Q: Hi 5i.
Great job on the new website!

My question is whats waking up SRU.UN today?
Should I keep holding for income or should I sell?
Could you also suggest 3 best buys from your income portfolio at this time?

I look forward to your answer.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on December 13, 2017

Q: I have owned shares in Smart Real estate for many years and still have a profit of 115%. I have a well balanced portfolio. I was wondering if it is worth keeping (considering it has been losing value over the last year) or would it be better to pay the tax and invest in something else? I do not depend on the income. Could you also comment on its last quarter report?

Read Answer Asked by jacques on December 06, 2017

Q: Hello 5i.

I bought these 2 stocks for our income portfolios within the last few month.
I bought Smart Reit at 32.77 and my wifes account ALA at 30.26
We're down about 7.5 % in each stock.
Each stock is about 5% of the income account.
Should I sell and find something better or sit back and draw the dividend??

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 11, 2017

Q: I have held these equities in my well-diversified portfolio for many years; am a medium to long-term investor; not averse to risks; and do not need the cash. Which of these does it seem wise to dispose of and why? I intend to reinvest the proceeds in some of your recommendations. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Harold on August 01, 2017

Q: Hi 5i,

My portfolio has: AD, POW, REI,SRU, PPL, ATD, MG, BCE, EMA and GUD.
In your opinion do I have exposure to all sectors with quality stocks? Which ones would you suggest to add or get rid of?

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Lizette on July 21, 2017

Q: I hold substantially less than 5% of each of the above securities in my diversified portfolio.The sector is not over-represented in my portfolio. I would appreciate your opinion as to which, if any, should be sold because of duplication; and/or to reduce the # of stocks held; and/or because of other specific concerns; and which, if any, should be added to. I do not require the cash from any disposition, am not averse to risk, and, subject to your comments, would reinvest it in this or any other sector which you recommend.Thank you in advance for your usual reasoned response.

Read Answer Asked by Harold on July 10, 2017

Q: Hi 5i,

I'm looking for some help picking my next 2 or 3 stocks or ETF to add to the income portfolio listed above.I started building this portfolio 5 month ago hoping not to buy at the top. I'm trying to buy 1 or 2 positions every month to average in to the market.
Planned retirement date December 2018.

Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on May 05, 2017