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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Company and dividend as of close
KWH.UN 11.3%, BCE 5.6%, ENB 6.3%, ALA 8.3%, EIF 6.8%, HR.UN 6.8%, RUS 5.5%, BEP.UN 6.2%, GS 6.1%, AQN 5.1%, EMA 5.2%, FTS 4%, H 4.59%
Could you please choose from the above list (or any additions of your choice) the stocks that you feel would be best suited to be held in an income/dividend non registered account for a long period of time. It would be great if you could also guide me as to whether I should do equal weight or if it is better to invest by a percentage of one company over another. I am interested in trying to have the highest return of dividends but I do not want to reach too far for it (ie 50% KWH.UN). If I could get a blended 6% annually over 10+ years that would be super. Not all the companies need to be included. I know there are some that overlap sectors.
Thank you for all that you do. You are great guides.

Read Answer Asked by Jeremy on June 28, 2018

Q: Hi there,
I currently own both these companies however i am wondering if its work switching to Artis (AX.un) given the cheaper evaluation and its expansion outside of Alberta. Looks like the worst is behind it but just wondering if its worth the switch. Look for a bit of growth and yield.

Read Answer Asked by kelly on March 15, 2018

Q: i have roughly more than 100 thousand investment room in rrsp resp and TFSA. i am thinking buy some reit or stock?

pls help me>


Read Answer Asked by liang on March 05, 2018

Q: Hello 5i Team.
I own these stocks for the dividend, in sectors that are currently getting hit due to rising interest rates (I assume). From your point of view, is it best, if one needs the income, to not be concerned with losing equity value and just continue collecting the dividend and hope that over time, these stocks will recover? Or is it best to sell and research other options. (I am 66 years young). Please also rate these stocks from best to least in terms of dividend safety and growth potential. Thank you for your wise advice.

Read Answer Asked by Jocelyne on February 27, 2018

Q: I hold these 3 RIETís in my investment accounts. I am looking for a replacement for H&R. Would appreciate your suggestions to provide a reasonable return with some growth. The holding will be in a taxable account.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Les on January 22, 2018

Q: Could you please rate from best to worst. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Anne on January 03, 2018

Q: I have a question about retail exposure in REITs. My broker is encouraging me to sell these REITs due to exposure to retail and/or Alberta. Seeing that they all seem to have plans to rebalance their portfolios, I am less concerned. My exposure to retail is around 15% of my REITs overall (mostly via Riocan) and less than 5% of my total portfolio. My exposure to Alberta overall is about the same (mostly through these REITs). Would you recommend reducing my exposure to these REITs and in what order (descending vulnerability)?

Read Answer Asked by Carl on December 04, 2017

Q: are there any reits with good yields and low valuations? thanks

Read Answer Asked by jim on November 30, 2017

Q: In a 250k investment portfolio we have over 20 stocks. We would like to trim some of the smaller positions and top the others.From larger to smaller holdings HR.UN, GIL, ET, STN, GH,ECN,TCN. 2 to add to, 5 to dispose or 3 and 4. Which would you keep.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by francois on November 23, 2017

Q: I am looking to replace HR.UN with a REIT that has minimal, or no retail exposure. Can you suggest a couple with comparable dividends, and better potential upside? Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Grant on November 14, 2017