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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: hello 5i:favou
we own the above Industrials. I'd like to add another US stock. Can you suggest 3 of your favourites please, that would diversify within this sector a bit (and why you favour them).
Paul L

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 06, 2020

Q: I would like to increase my allocations in Basic Materials and Industrials; please provide and rank your top recommendations - stocks and ETF's for both sectors.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on November 02, 2020

Q: It appears that in post Covid times, infrastructure money will be doled out to get the economy rolling again. It may be time to sell some tech or at least trim. I am currently over 40% in tech. Itís been great but I realize more diversification is important.
I know that youíll recommend BAD and likely STN but what else may be on the horizon to consider?Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on August 18, 2020

Q: I have a small position in Bip.un and want to put more money into infrastructure. would you suggest now or later ? could you give me 2 names in ea country . Is there an ETF that would be better? (take more credits to give a complete answer.). Thanks for your work. Helen

Read Answer Asked by Helen on July 14, 2020

Q: Hi Peter and Ryan.
The US will try to open up the Economy and create employment. I remember they have talked about spending on infrastructure. I am looking for some opportunities there. Do you think CLF is a good mid/long term investment? What are your recommendations if not?
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Yiwen on May 21, 2020