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Q: What is 5i thoughts of Caldwell Partners' all-time record-breaking quarterly results. It seems that they have recovered nicely from a slow start to this fiscal-year. They also suggest in their outlook that fiscal Q4 could be just as strong (or stronger) than Q3 which could lead to a record-breaking year for the Company. If anything the results and outlook is great bell-weather indicator of the strength of US economy for which a large portion Caldwell's revenues are generated from.

Read Answer Asked by Charles on July 12, 2019

Q: Hi 5i,
I looked on the MSI web site and it looks like they do not offer Career Management Services (ie job loss displacement servces). Can you confirm this please?
This service seems to be offered by PEO. Can you also confirm this please?
In my opinion, this is a key service to have if there is a significant downturn in our economy and there is a great deal of job loss. Can you suggest any CDN listed stocks which may provide this service?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on April 03, 2019
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