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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hello team,

I you were to participate in lithium play which of the above would you place your bet on and why? Or would you suggest something even better (in management, balance sheet situation, prospects).

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Read Answer Asked by Saeed on October 23, 2017

Q: Hello

I had bought LAC as a speculative buy last year as a play on the changing dynamic in the auto/energy sector. It has a run up a lot recently hitting new highs again today I believe. Do you see anything specific driving the recent movement? I am trying to weigh Letting a winner run with the fact it looks a little overheated and wanting to be invested in this theme for the long term. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Josh on October 20, 2017

Q: Good morning. A few questions to help me with my portfolio and build my growing financial knowledge - appreciate your solid guidance!

While Norbord is showing as a "buy and strong buy" in the recent Thomson Reuters report, it's stock price currently above it's predicted position of $45 in 12 months. I recognize the repair efforts from the hurricane may benefit the stock in the short term. Would be great to hear your considerations on purchasing this stock at this time. And has the potential benefit in the short term already been accumulated in the current price?

With the recent drop in OG (38 to 27 cents), is there a way to tell if any big shareholder pulled out of their investment, or are other forces at play. Anything to be concerned about? I recognize this is a speculative growth stock and is risky.

This last one is more of an educational question. I recently bought LAC as a speculative add given the Asia announcement regarding the ban on gasoline cars in the future. The stock is incredibly volatile during the day. I am curious if this is due to "day traders" just trying to make a buck given it's volatility or some other dynamic is at play?

Read Answer Asked by Loretta on September 15, 2017

Q: Hello Team, Elon Musk is building his battery Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada. It appears there are 14 other battery Gigafactories on the drawing boards, soon to be built around the world. The demand for batteries to power EV's and everything in your house will continue to push up the demand for Lithium. ALB controls 22% of world Li supply, so seems like a good large cap choice. For a more speculative pic I am considering, PE,LAC, or GALXF. Do you have any thoughts on these stocks or other Li stocks you prefer? Thanks Team Chris

Read Answer Asked by Chris on February 02, 2017