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Investment Q&A

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Q: Park Lawn, BCE and BEP taking a tidy beating in the wifeís income portfolio. While we enjoy the divs, the red ink is off-putting to be fair.

We are a few years away from drawing on her account, so at what point would you consider averaging down on these. There is a fairly large cash balance waiting to be deployed.
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on March 15, 2024
Q: Hi, BCE shares have been hammered for past few weeks with stock making new 52 weeks lows everyday, with market fearing that company could cut or not be able to keep pace with dividend increases, due to pressure on its cash flow. Company has a large debt load and yesterday the Rating Agency placed BCE on a negative watch, which makes it more expensive for BCE to borrow. Pay out ratio is already over 100% of its earnings. Current dividend yield of 8.5% could be viewed as flashing warning signals.

BCE is held in 5i Income Portfolio and generally rated well, per your recent comments. Are you still comfortable to hold it in Income Portfolio ? Also, if income is not the primary objective for an investor, is it not prudent to liquidate even at current price and move on to other opportunities with lower dividend and better growth?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 13, 2024
Q: Hi there,

I hold a significant number of shares of BCE mostly for the income in a diversified portfolio.

I know in the past few weeks you have discussed the health of their dividend and donít seem too concerned. To the contrary there are an increasingly large number of pundits who believe they cannot keep the pace of their present dividend and therefore must cut it. They talk about the various ways to measure it albeit as percentage of fcf or EBITDA or whatever but they just donít have the fcf anymore due to these high capital expenditures sucking the life out of it.

Can you possibly dig into the math on this and give us the true picture? Maybe lower interest rates on the horizon will help with this problem? Or BCE goes the way of AQN, cuts their div and the stock drops like a rock? Been there done that with AQN and wondering if I should just reduce my holdings accordingly and find another way to make up the income.

Ok thanks a lot!
Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 05, 2024
Q: These 4 'blue chip' stocks (BCE, TRP, ENB, BNS) pay healthy dividends, but basically are trading where they were 10 years ago. If you were to look out 5 years, how would you rank them best to worst, in terms of how much their share price will increase from today....Thanks...Glenn
Read Answer Asked by Glenn on February 21, 2024
Q: My PA wants me in telecom. I had Telus but it dropped heavy and I harvested losses, investing in BCE only to continue down. I realize higher interest rates are a challenge for telcos and utilities. It there a case for any of the of Canadian telecoms? I have a long term investment horizon but do like safe dividends. Are the telcos dividends "safe"?Should I hold BCE or flee for another company, even in the US. (I have VZ, also in the down elevator, bigly). thanks, al
Read Answer Asked by alex on February 13, 2024
Q: Sorry for another question about BCE. I'm surprised that the generally good results and the workforce reduction initiatives they announced today aren't having a positive effect on the share price. In fact, at this moment, it's down 4.24%. Your assessment? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Jerry on February 08, 2024
Q: This is for a 2 year hold. I am 15% down on BCE. I also see stocks like SMCI crushing it.

For total growth of 50% over 2 years, which do you prefer?

FYI in Feb 2024, I am seeing articles on BCE such as:

and this:
Read Answer Asked by V on February 08, 2024