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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am thinking of buying Rogers Communications for future growth in the share price. My investment horizon is more than 10 years. Would you say that Rogers is a better choice than BCE or Telus? Please explain the reasoning.

Also, is the current share price of RCI at a good price to buy it or would you wait for it to drop some more?

And what class of shares would be better to buy (Class A or Class B)? Please explain why. Thank you for your insights.
Read Answer Asked by Cathy on September 25, 2023
Q: hi again
I see a typo in my recent (yesterday) question on RCI.A
"finer line bailout" should read, "fiber line buildout". the thesis is that T and BCE have already built out most of their fiber lines and are thus a step or 2 ahead of RCI.A financially...
could you comment on this specifically too. thanks and sorry for the "auto-typo" via apple OS!
Read Answer Asked by chris on December 05, 2022
Q: hi,
I currently own all 3, all with reasonable gains. I read recently that T and BCE have done most of their finer line bailouts, Rogers not so much. this tilts the tables significantly I assume towards T and BCE. I plan to sell Rogers, and add the proceeds to T and BCE. does this sound OK? and do you feel it is ok to have a 5% position in each of T and BCE now? cheers
Read Answer Asked by chris on December 05, 2022
Q: I would like to increase my holdings in telecom stocks. I currently have BCE and would like to know if you would recommend buying more BCE. Or buy one or two other telecom stocks, such as T, RCI.a, QBR.b, or etc? Again, primary aim is income and secondary is balance equity. I plan hold them for more than 5 years. Thanks, Roger
Read Answer Asked by Roger on May 16, 2022
Q: I am considering buying Telus in the Telecom sector, as I reduce my CPD holdings. Already own ENB, BAM, BRK.B, RDS.B.
With long term growth & financial stability in mind, please rank your preference in the North American telecom companies listed.
Also please advise if there are any small/medium sized companies in this sector worth considering. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Pradeep on May 27, 2021
Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,
Portfolio Analytics shows a 6.78% allocation for GSY. (Thanks so much for recommending this company and helping us to grow our portfolio). Would it be prudent to trim GSY, and to what level would you be comfortable with? PA also shows that we need to add some Communications Services, and we presently own only BCE. I was thinking to add some Telus or Rogers, and would appreciate your thoughts. If we go for Rogers, which one (A or B) do you recommend? Thanks as always for your insight.
Read Answer Asked by Jerry on March 22, 2021
Q: Thinking of adding some telecom/media exposure to my portfolio. BCE is the only one in your portfolios. Would you buy BCE right now or do one of the others offer a better buying opportunity currently. 5 year hold, I follow a hybrid of growth and income portfolios with more recent moves toward income thus the interest in these names. Or is it evan a good time to buy into this sectors?
Read Answer Asked by Tom on December 11, 2020
Q: Can you name 8 companies with good balance sheets that I can buy long term bonds in. I may go out up to 25years.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 28, 2020
Q: According to analytics I am underweight in communication services. I currently own TELUS. Please suggest a few names to look at here.

I am overweight in Financial Services. I currently own: BNS,ZEB,GSY,GWO,HSBC,SLF. Please suggest some names to take away here.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Darrin on May 13, 2019
Q: Hi 5i, please comment on my international div. group for global income or your own top 5 picks, thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 15, 2019