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Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,
Portfolio Analytics shows a 6.78% allocation for GSY. (Thanks so much for recommending this company and helping us to grow our portfolio). Would it be prudent to trim GSY, and to what level would you be comfortable with? PA also shows that we need to add some Communications Services, and we presently own only BCE. I was thinking to add some Telus or Rogers, and would appreciate your thoughts. If we go for Rogers, which one (A or B) do you recommend? Thanks as always for your insight.

Asked by Jerry on March 22, 2021
5i Research Answer:

With the current uncertainty of the Rogers bid for Shaw, we would prefer Telus today. On GSY, we can't provide personalized weightings, but we are above 7% in the model portfolio. It is not a risk-free stock, and for a general level 5% is probably better for most investors.