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Investment Q&A

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Q: I already own Honeywell and BAE Systems but want to increase and diversify my holdings in Industrials. I know you like ROP, but I am also looking at PAYX, MMM and EMR. I am tempted by MMM, because it is so beaten up and is quite different from my existing holdings, but I worry that it is beaten up for good reason. Could you rank these four industrials in terms of quality for a long term investment, taking into account their current valuations?

Read Answer Asked by David on June 05, 2023

Q: Hi everyone at 5i!
I am up 370% with my stock in NVDA and would like to trim a third of the stock. With the proceeds I would like to add to a portfolio holding AWK, BRKB, BX,COST,EMR, ISRG RSP. QQQ. JPM MDT MSFT, NVDA , PEP, PG, O , VZ, V, WM . I am looking for two or three stock suggestions that would round out this list for growth or growth and income.

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on April 03, 2023

Q: Hi,
Of this list do any of these names have concerns and if so, what might they be? Are there any you would wish to wait longer before buying? Any you do not think appropriate buys in this market? Others you feel are more compelling? If you were to buy these, in what order would you do so? I know - lots of questions - feel free to deduct accordingly! My preference is for stability of future earnings, lower or no debt and the dividend is a bit of a bonus, but not something to rely on. Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on January 09, 2023

Q: Hi. These companies are all from the industrial group of the S & P Dividend Aristocrats list. I'm looking to invest in one or two of them, to hold for the long term. Do any stand out to you? Any that you would avoid?

Read Answer Asked by William on July 29, 2020

Q: (Emerson Electric, NYSE)
1. Do you see growth in revenue, and ROE ?
2. Is EMR a dividend grower?
3. After the pullbacks after Oct 2018 , is EMR good value?
4. Most financial sites leave PEG as blank. Yahoo Finance (not always reliable) is the only one I saw that reported PEG (at 1.45).
5. I hold EMR in a registered retirement account; it is in a conservative retirement fund. I take massive risks on my other accounts, but on the registered account I am interested in growth, ROE not too far from 20 ; PEG not TOO far from 1.0 --- and feel 2 or 3 the above would be adequate reasons to continue holding EXCEPT IF YOU HAVE BETTER IDEAS.
6. RBC downgraded EMR today; yesterday Credit Swisse upgraded. Analyst ratings are a not deciding factor, but I do look at them notwithstanding the migraines they cause.
7. Is EMR worth keeping or could one do better elsewhere?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on January 10, 2019