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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello,

I own the whole list (weights 1% to 2%) thinking I was being diversified but maybe went too far.

1) I am on the right track to reduce to about 3 names?
2) Which names optimise income?
3) Alternative names that I might have missed?

Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Arzoo on April 22, 2022

Q: I own the following Canadian Stocks in my RRSP and TFSA and 20% is in cash to invest when there are opportunities in the market.

Which ones from the above list would you pick as your Top 3 choices to add to at today's prices, and the reasons why you like them.

Are there any on the list above that you would consider selling and the reasons why.

Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by ALNOOR on March 18, 2022

Q: Looking at adding the 3 equities (HMMJ:CA; UL:US; XUSR:CA) to a TFSA. Some questions re: these 3 securities:
(a) is HMMJ:CA a reasonable security for exposure to marijuana sector, or is there another security (preferably, trading in CAD$) that you would recommend?
(b) is UL:US a U.K.-associated security, and hence there would be no tax withholding if held within a TFSA?
(c) is XUSR:CA a reasonable security for ESG exposure (in Canadian dollars) for TFSA, or is there another similar type of security that you would prefer for a TFSA?


Read Answer Asked by Ted on November 16, 2021

Q: Looking to start a position in a US Marijuana ETF
Can you please give me a brief overall long term
outlook and a ETF trading on US market or Canadian market.

Read Answer Asked by Al on July 09, 2021

Q: Can you help me regarding how to determine fees/yields for ETFs?
I'm presently looking at is HMMJ

What is the "total" management fee?
Their website has manage fee of 0.75% plus tax and a MER of 0.85%

I don't know where Google finance comes up with a dividend yield of 7.47%? Horizon's website has the following:
Most Recent Distribution per Unit : 0.03433
Estimated Annualized Yield : 1.16%
12-Month Trailing Yield: 2.83%
Distribution Frequency : Quarterly

Also, for the most recent distribution, would you multiply the stock price at time of distribution by 0.03433
For example using stock price $10.65. 10.65 times 0.03433 or 36.6 cents for most recent quarter times number of stocks held?

thanks for all your help?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 20, 2021

Q: Hi group just sold this stock (HMMJ) this am based on to many Canadian companies that are losing $ Should I buy a US based ETF to take better advantage of the US opening up on legalizing the product or just stay on the sidelines for now - what do you think ? buy some individuals or a US ETF or do not invest in the sector at all ? - Thanks for your help on this

Read Answer Asked by Terence on April 14, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
Recently the Canadian Cannabis companies surged for various reasons (short covering, and potential Biden win etc). However, I would have expected the US companies to have surged alot more given they are already operating in the US. Any comments? Also, would i better off allocating monies equally to HMMJ (Canada) and Hmus (US companies) or put more into Hmus? What is your opinion on Curaleaf?

Read Answer Asked by umedali on November 09, 2020

Q: what do you think of this ETF on marijuana ? Is horizon a serious player in the etf industry ? With Biden likely coming to the presidency, legalization of marijuana should accelerate in the US. Also this ETF provides passive income with a dividend of 13%. Can you explain how they achieve this dividend since no marijuana stocks gives dividends ? Should I wait to invest in it as tax loss season will begin soon ? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by jean on November 05, 2020

Q: Cannabis companies were hot a couple of years ago, and now the bad news is coming in. There really is a product here, though, and over several years there should be a reward for those willing to hang on.
I'm thinking to buy an ETF, or maybe Canopy, sometime in the fall during tax loss season. What think thou?

Read Answer Asked by John on September 24, 2020

Q: hi there, currently own Dollarama and CSH.UN in my TFSA and was thinking of switching out and purchasing XEG for some energy exposure and HMMJ as both ETF's seem to be exhibiting some upside after a down year. What are your thoughts on this switch (based on your examination of where DOL and CSH.UN seem to be going from here)? Note, this only effects approximately 1.5% of my total portfolio so neither will represent a significant weighting. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 20, 2020