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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am trying to grow a small position in GDI and have two options. As I add funds over the coming months I can just average in, or I could sell my position in QIPT and get a larger position right away.

I know the stocks aren't comparable, but what would your thoughts be on this move? I think QIPT has decent growth prospects but one thing this move would do is take remove some risk (from small-cap to GDI market cap over 1 billion. Thanks for your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on September 16, 2021

Q: Could you please compare these two companies post split. What is the business area differences they seem to very similar.
Could you also comment on their recent earning and potential trajectory.
Vmd raised a lot of money and I don’t see any action
Ptq seems to be more aggressively growing their business and very positive. Vmd is very quiet and not promotional. The both seem to be in an excellent space long and short term.

Read Answer Asked by mike on March 04, 2021

Q: Hi, realizing that you can’t comment on personal weighting’s etc, I would appreciate your ranking of the upside of above companies within the next 12 months. Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 18, 2021

Q: I'm looking to add a new holding in the healthcare sector, and am currently looking at either WELL or PTQ, for a smaller cap stock. Currently, I only have Stryker (SYK) and Amgen (AMGN) in the healthcare sector. Which of either WELL or PTQ would you prefer for more significant growth potential over 3-5 years, with moderate risk. Please provide a rationale for your preference. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Lois on February 08, 2021

Q: First of all, thanks for the service you provide. I have found it extremely useful since becoming a member. Second, I apologize for the number of stocks covered in the question. If it is too many, please do not respond / post.
Within the last 12 months, I have purchased the above stocks strictly for growth or as momentum plays.
I would like to know which ones you would sell, either because their momentum has likely peaked, or because their share price growth prospects are poor. Please deduct as many credits as required. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Charles on January 25, 2021

Q: Hello Peter, Ryan, and 5i Team,

I know you haven't been a big fan of these two companies in the past, due to some questionable management issues before they split from Patient Home Monitoring. However, Viemed shares have surged since listing on the Nasdaq (with some help from Covid) and PTQ has shown recent momentum with last week's announcement of a pending Nasdaq listing. Could you please give me your current thoughts on these two companies? Specifically, does the potential for a cross-listing gain with PTQ outweigh some of the other concerns, or would you still be wary? Thanks, Brad

Read Answer Asked by Bradley on January 20, 2021