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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello Peter,
Can you please comment on good natured results? Is it fair to say Blackstone is more for income oriented investors given its dividend and Blackrock is more for growth oriented investors. Also, would be better to diversify into both instead of picking one as i already own fair amount of BAM? Is Manulife worth a hold for long term given its decent dividend? thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 01, 2022

Q: I've been following these stocks for some time and while all risk picks, they do have some appeal to me. They've also all been beaten down the last while - do you have any thoughts on which of these you would find the most appealing currently, or how you would rank them?

Thank you for your advice and all the information you provide.

Read Answer Asked by Evan on April 19, 2022

Q: I sent this question in last weekend and havenít had a response. I know you have been busy and it may still be answered yet. So in case it got buried somewhere I will send again.
I have bought the 3 companies recently based on the areas of the market they are in. The idea being that they are in popular fields that they could do well. I purchased a 1/3 position in each and hoping they would increase in value. They have and am now looking at adding to them about another 1/3 position. Should they increase another 10 to 20% I will probably repeat.I would like your expert opinion on each and whether this is a good strategy with each one? Or do you feel any one of them is a little too much risk? If you feel negative or positive on any please give me a brief summery on why.
Please take the appropriate amount of credits, cause I know there is more than one or two questions here.
Thanks for your advise. John

Read Answer Asked by John on February 22, 2021

Q: I am looking for high growth ideas from small caps. From this list, what would be your TOP 3 Picks?

Thanks Valter

Read Answer Asked by Valter on February 16, 2021