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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: it seems that some US insurance stocks are picking up some momentum now. i used to own AFL but switched it to AJG, but now own both again. what do you think of CRBG ? in the past i also used to own IFC and SLF but sold them for lack of growth. can you recommend any other CAN or US insurance stocks that have some capital gain in the last year or so ? thank you very much - nick
Read Answer Asked by Nick on October 20, 2023
Q: AEG seems unusual in terms of its extremely low dividend payment to cash flow ratio, price/book, and other ratios. Its 12% 3 year dividend growth average is very attractive. However, the negative earnings, etc. are concerning. Is this a stock you would buy? Which North American insurers would be more desirable for growth/safety of dividend?
Read Answer Asked by David on September 28, 2023
Q: ALL hit another 52-wk low 14 July. It has done *miserably* compared to AFL. Yet , ALL remains a long-time member of the AAII Model Dividend portfolio. AFL is long-time favorite in the portfolio of “Crossing Wall St” ( the latter now has an ETF under the symbol CWS). Do you consider ALL oversold ? Is it a good value at around at USD 101 assuming two more Fed rate hikes of 25 basis points each? Or would you instead favor AFL?

If you are not impressed with EITHER of the above insurance companies, do you have a dividend payer you do favor? Your reasoning please, it always helps, thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Adam on July 18, 2023
Q: Can you suggest 5 beaten down, safe financial names with good long term prospects? Please include any relevant US companies that are available as EDRs. Thank-you.
Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 21, 2023
Q: Hello: I want to add an insurer stock in Canada and the USA. I admire and follow FAST Graphs. The following companies were recently reviewed: Aflac (AFL), MetLife (MET), Principal Financial Group (PFG), Prudential Financial (PRU), Great-West Life (GWO) iA Financial (IAG), ManuLife Financial (MFC), Power Corporation of Canada (POW), Sun Life Financial (SLF).

I would like your recommendations for the best choice in each country: Objective: solid, safe, long-term hold with capital appreciation potential and good consistent dividend income and dividend growth. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Mary on January 13, 2022
Q: Hi 5i Team - I am considering increasing my holdings in financials. Could you provide a couple of ideas in each of small cap, mid cap, and large cap companies, concentrating on Canadian companies but any U.S. suggestions are welcomed too. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Rob on January 10, 2022
Q: A family member would like to build a US dollar portfolio with US stocks. My thought would be to do it along the lines of the 5iR Cdn Balance Portfolio. For example, JPMorgan would be the US stock for the BNS. With this in mind, and being able to tolerate risk and for a long-term intention, like 10 years, what would you suggest the 15+ position US portfolio would look like?....Thanks...Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 24, 2021
Q: I recently asked a question about a substitute for SLF for tax selling purposes. I was wondering what you might think about a US substitute for slf? I know there is no dividend tax benefit. But, I will be rebuying whatever I buy in a RIF, therefore no tax consequences.
thanks for the great service as always
Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 06, 2019
Q: I own Sun life but would like to add another growing insurer that pays a decent dividend. I am considering buying any one of the above or perhaps you would offer another better qualified company. Much thanks. Maureen
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on September 21, 2018
Q: Hi 5i: I'm still considering a purchase of AFLAC. The news regarding employee complaints seems no worse, though a few legal firms have made it a point of announcing that they are investigating. Re its quarterly report, I find it hard to decide how well it's doing given the tax effects and yen currency effects. What is your assessment? Do you think it's buyable yet?
Read Answer Asked by Roland on February 07, 2018
Q: Hi 5i: Thanks for the recommendations regarding US insurance companies. Unfortunately, your recommendation of Aflac came just before news that some employees were accusing Aflac of some malfeasance, with lawyers now investigating. Such events cannot of course be foreseen. I guess it would be wise to hold off any investment until more info is available. Do you have any updates on this issue yet? Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Roland on January 15, 2018