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Q: it seems that some US insurance stocks are picking up some momentum now. i used to own AFL but switched it to AJG, but now own both again. what do you think of CRBG ? in the past i also used to own IFC and SLF but sold them for lack of growth. can you recommend any other CAN or US insurance stocks that have some capital gain in the last year or so ? thank you very much - nick
Read Answer Asked by Nick on October 20, 2023
Q: AEG seems unusual in terms of its extremely low dividend payment to cash flow ratio, price/book, and other ratios. Its 12% 3 year dividend growth average is very attractive. However, the negative earnings, etc. are concerning. Is this a stock you would buy? Which North American insurers would be more desirable for growth/safety of dividend?
Read Answer Asked by David on September 28, 2023
Q: ALL hit another 52-wk low 14 July. It has done *miserably* compared to AFL. Yet , ALL remains a long-time member of the AAII Model Dividend portfolio. AFL is long-time favorite in the portfolio of “Crossing Wall St” ( the latter now has an ETF under the symbol CWS). Do you consider ALL oversold ? Is it a good value at around at USD 101 assuming two more Fed rate hikes of 25 basis points each? Or would you instead favor AFL?

If you are not impressed with EITHER of the above insurance companies, do you have a dividend payer you do favor? Your reasoning please, it always helps, thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Adam on July 18, 2023
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