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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: With the potential Bit Coin Spot ETF ruling on January 10th from the SEC being a positive one for BlackRock, Vanguard, Fidelity, Ark and other Investment Companies, does it make sense (and dollars) to take a nibble on HIVE or MARA (knowing there would be a 30% currency hit in the case of Mara)? I realize things will be very volatile so just a small position to start. Thanks, Lesley
Read Answer Asked by Lesley on January 08, 2024
Q: They recently reduced the amount of shares I had. But the broker TD is showing me only the new prices which have moved quite a bit lately.They are not showing original investment amount. It shows I am making money,but in reality to original investment i am losing money. Could i Claim the loss in the difference. Should I contact TD
Read Answer Asked by Guy on December 20, 2023
Q: Hi,

Currently have no exposure to crypto and have been a spectator on the sidelines mainly. I held positions in HUT and HIVE awhile back but sold those. With almost certain approval of a spot bitcoin ETF, the market is gaining optimism and it seems investors are more bullish on crypto. What is your view on the current crypto market? Is this run up going to be followed by another crash or do you see more sustained rally with the new ETF? Is this rally going to be followed by another selloff once the ETF news is approved?

What are some low, med, higher risks positions to gain exposure if one wanted some small exposure. Here are some I'm watching. Can you rank whether they are low, med, or higher risk.


I know you own GLXY in the model portfolio already. Also, what would be your top ETF for exposure?

I'm a very disciplined investor, but on the edge of FOMO ; )

Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 10, 2023
Q: Apparently there was a crypto or blockchain conference within the last week attended by some of the wealthiest individuals and companies on the planet.

Would you know what it was called?

1.It seems clear that some very influential people want this area to have a place in the world banking and trading worlds.

2. One commentator ( Josh Brown ) expressed the opinion that for the foreseeable future it will be very high risk kind of like gold mines over the years. But there might be money to be made in the picks & shovels companies..

Do you have any suggestions of companies that have merit or look to have potential in that picks & shovels areas?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 26, 2023
Q: Hi Team,

Do you see this as legitimate business model similar to a hard asset miner but 'digital' instead? Or do you see this more as fluff and a casino model? Trying to objectively look at both sides.

Which 2 or 3 would you consider if one was to purchase?

Read Answer Asked by David on January 23, 2023
Q: HI,
you had mentioned recently that we could be in another historic buying opportunity for growthy small caps. along those lines...
this list contains some of my small cap/more speculative holdings. could you comment on these as a current buy, sell, or hold. I am a long term investor ( 5-many years). and if any are screaming "I am going to zero" (like Xebec). and do you have high conviction on any other small cap growth stocks presently? cheers
Read Answer Asked by chris on December 05, 2022
Q: Hello Peter,
When Brookfield first indicated that they were going to spin off the asset management unit, the stock popped alot, but then subsided. Now, the spinoff is more certain as opposed to just mentioning it, why is the stock not behaving as it did when the first announcement was made? Please provide your view. Given USA is still delaying its legalization of marijuana, I was deciding on Weed or Hut mining given both are volatile. What would make sense ? Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on August 19, 2022
Q: Do you have a canadian stock or ETF you can recommend that is focused on blockchain technology. Thank you for all your insight
Read Answer Asked by Catherine on November 26, 2021
Q: Which of HUT, HIVE or GLXY would you recommend for a small speculative position? Or would you suggest a combination of HUT or HIVE plus GLXY assuming no material difference between the two bitcoin miners? Alternatively, is there a crypto ETF that you would suggest instead? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on November 24, 2021
Q: I was wondering if you could comment on the latest earnings of Hive. To me it looked like it was better than Mara and HUT. Also two new facilities also should be commissioned soon. Should be able to increase their mining?

Your thoughts please.
Read Answer Asked by Jimmy on November 18, 2021
Q: Hi Peter,

In response to Robert’s question of Nov 10 regarding your thoughts on what folks will wish they had done before interest rates start going back up, you said “…we would reduce very expensive growth stock exposure…”

My 24 year-old has a concentrated, strongly growth-oriented TFSA (at least 10+ yr investment horizon). He’s comfortable in holding higher weightings and “letting the winners run” of those companies that seem to have “staying power”, recognizing that there will be inevitable periods of under performance in their stock performance from time to time (LSPD, for example) but that over the “long-term” they should produce attractive returns. The growth stocks that have done well for him so far include:

GSY (+434% return/16% portfolio weighting)
LSPD (+432%/9%)
KXS (+161%/15%)
TOI (+42%/12%)
HUT (+103%/6%)

He also has the following growth stocks that (so far) have been less than stellar:

AT (-39% return/4% portfolio weighting)
MAGT (-29%/3%)
NVEI (-10%/4%)
WELL (-1%/7%)

Which of the above would you consider “very expensive” and reduce exposure to, regardless of current weightings? In general, aside from personal risk tolerance/comfort levels, how do you determine by how much or to what level, you would reduce “very expensive” holdings to versus simply “letting the winners run” over the long-term? Which of the above stocks that are currently in the red would you reduce exposure to given this is a TFSA (no tax loss benefit if selling for possible later buy-back) - rather than riding out (potential opportunity cost) what is hopefully just the volatility inherent in growth stocks and a period of under-performance (of indeterminate length, admittedly) - assuming no changes in the investment thesis and fundamentals of these companies and the long-term investment horizon.

Thanks, as always, for your insightful help.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on November 13, 2021
Q: I don't see a recent answer for HUT8.
I know little about this company, yet a technical flag (Diamond Bottom, with $8.80 target in 60 days), caught my eye.
The Morningstar Quant report of July 30 shows a rating of Three Stars, with a PE of 10.2, and Fair Value of $7.42.
Sounds interesting.... if only I had a clue on how they make $$ and if the above factors are even relevant to a stock in this sector.
Many many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on August 09, 2021
Q: Can I get your opinion on some publicly traded bitcoin mining companies. The only player in Canada I've come across is HUT 8.
1. Do you see these as actual viable companies / viable business models or just another play on rising bitcoin prices?
2. earlier this year [Feb/21] you noted you didn't see much differentiation between any particular publicly traded mining companies. Has that view changed since then.
3. Can you explain the massive rise in prices in late 2020 and the recent drop? Just tied to the price of bitcoin?

Thanks (as always) for the excellent service and assistance
Read Answer Asked by Michael on August 06, 2021