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Q: Hello 5i,

We purchased QBTC when it was available, then purchased BTCC.B when it was recommended by 5i, and it looks like BTCC is now recommended. Can you clarify which Bitcoin stock is preferred - BTCC or BTCC.B or another Bitcoin stock?

Would it make any sense to own 1/2 of the ETF stocks in BTCC and 1/2 in BTCC.B if you have a 4% position?

Thank you for your fantastic service.


Debbie and Jerry

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on April 09, 2021

Q: Please give me your thoughts on the above. The first two are ETFs , and that to me means covering more than one crypto currency ? Could you elaborate on this and what they cover as an ETF ? Their mer's = 1%. What is the diff. between QBTC and QBTC.U and is there an mer on these ? If you were to buy Bitcoin in a TFSA, would it be one of these or would you recommend another one that might have lower management fees. Looking at these 4 on the stock market today, QBTC is up 2.76% while the 2 first ones are up less than 1% ? I certainly like a 2.76% daily increase ! Thanks for any info.

Read Answer Asked by Frank on March 25, 2021
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