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Investment Q&A

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Q: With gas price increase and coming heating season, which of these companies would you recommend? If your favorite is any other company, please mention. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Shah on August 02, 2016

Q: Hi,
My only energy exposure is WCP and TOU each at 4% (total 8% of portfolio)

(A) In the current economic environment, considering I am targeting growth, what % would you recommend for energy exposure?
(b) Do you like these two holdings for covering and diversifying my energy exposure? or are there alternatives you think might be better at this point? When I compare charts for TOU vs. PEY, for instance, my untrained eye seems to show that PEY is acting better than TOU over the last year.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Mike on July 21, 2016

Q: I hold TOU, ALA, KEY. Down 18%, 24% and 13% respectively. This is all my direct oil/natural gas exposure which represents 17% of my entire portfolio.
I have 10+ years investment horizon for these stocks. These stocks fluctuate a lot which I don't mind but I dislike being underwater for a prolong period of time.

Should I stick with these names or should I make a switch to other oil companies like VET? If yes what names would you suggest and how should I divide the investment % wise? Which stock(s) to sell and which one to keep? Switch now or later?

The goal of the switch is to position myself for eventual(I believe) oil recovery.

Appreciate your insight.

Read Answer Asked by JR on June 15, 2016

Q: I currently have 6 oil and gas stocks in a well diversified portfolio (PEY,RE,SU,SGY,TOU,WCP) and would like to high grade the list to 3-4 names by either selling some or all of them and replacing them with other names if necessary. What would you suggest? Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

Read Answer Asked by Sandy on June 07, 2016

Q: I have been holding TOU for the past year so I am still underwater even though it has recovered a bit this year. I recently reduced my position by about 25% thinking that the recovery in the energy sector would be short lived and I wante d to take some money off the table and maybe add later at a lower price.

Since then, TOU and other low cost gas producers have continued to go up so now I am a bit confused considering that nat gas prices continue to be weak. Can you please shed some light on the current dynamics in the nat gas market and your outlook for TOU.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by John on May 13, 2016

Q: Could i please have your opinion and ranking on the following gas weighted companies. Would this be a realistic time for an investment in one or two of these companies or is there still alot of downside risk. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by cal on May 13, 2016

Q: Hello Peter,
Any idea why Tourmaline oil's stock price hardly moves or moves lower whereas Birchcliff Energy and Paramount resources continues to climb higher given that paramounts' balance sheet is not as good as Tourmaline's. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by umedali on April 27, 2016

Q: You are generally supportive of TOU. For example in March you said “We think TOU is a fine company worth holding” .
I have not found much in the better financial press pointing to a higher or healthier price for Natural Gas. TOU pays no dividend and it has debt. Would you please expand on your previous positive comments on TOU. I need to make a decision on whether to throw in the towel on TOU ,or should one just ride it this calendar year? The latter would make sense if oil and gas prices will now continue their ascent but there isn't much support for that argument (that I have found). Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Adam on April 15, 2016

Q: quite a few stocks in the oil and gas sector have been going up and I am under water on them all but the weight is quite small and wonder if better to sell them in the momentum or ride it up and then once a downturn sell or average down to bring the weight higher and hang onto them. If I sold these stocks I could then add to my other holdings(non oil and gas stocks) to bring their weight higher.

Read Answer Asked by on March 07, 2016

Q: Hi,

I have cash to deploy, I cannot decide what to do about my energy stocks.

I have WCP (2.8%), TOU (1.8%), and BAD (3.5%)

I realize BAD is only about half exposed to energy.

My target for energy had been 10-12% with a max of 3 stocks. If you include BAD, I am currently at 8%. My full position for a stock is 4%.

Would you recommend I top up these stocks, or readjust my target for energy and wait for better times?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on January 04, 2016

Q: My biggest (>40%) on paper “losers” in a non-registered account are: SGY, TOU, PHM, SCL, and AVO. They are each between 1% and 2% of the portfolio.

My biggest (>100%) on paper “winners” are : CSU and ATD.B.

I don’t have any capital gains to offset this year since I have not sold anything. Does it make any sense to trigger a tax loss for the sake of it since it could be used in the future (and nothing to carry the loss back to either)? If I sold any of the above “losers” I probably would not be in any hurry to buy them back, if at all. I can hang onto them as I still kind of believe they are still good, but you refer to the opportunity cost of holding onto them. Not sure if I should create a loss for the sake of it, and maybe take some profits on the winners since they are up quite a bit.

Paul J.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 16, 2015

Q: Peter, my energy sector was 5% with a half position in TOU and VET. What was 5% is now less than 2.5%. I am going to take some gains in my other sectors and would like to increase my energy sector back to 5% or perhaps 8%. Would you suggest adding to these two companies or buying another stock such as BEP.un? I have been using your stock selections and your portfolio approach for the past 2 1/2 years and my returns have been outstanding! Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by stephen on October 30, 2015