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Investment Q&A

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Q: Good Day Please rate in order for dividend safety, dividend growth and stock growth. I have no life insurers in my portfolio. Looking for an 8 year hold
Read Answer Asked by Gordon on February 05, 2018
Q: I am fairly new at this and of the companies mentioned above I want to set up a Dividend portfolio using 3 to 4 of them. Suggestions would be very much appreciated as I am not well schooled in this area.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Ron on January 16, 2018
Q: I am interested in buying GWO but wonder if I should be buying PWF instead? PWF has a holding company discount of over 15% which seems to imply that I am getting IGM “for free”. But then there is a discount on POW too and I don’t understand the two-level holding company structure -can you explain this? Why does POW not issue POW shares to PWF holders to eliminate one of the levels? Out of GWO, PWF and POW, which one would you buy?
Read Answer Asked by David on January 15, 2018
Q: I am a little overweight in Canadian financials and worry about the new stress testing the banks will use for determining eligibility for mortgages next year.
Would it make any sense to take a little off the table and buy one of the life co's given expected rising interest rates and if so which of the above three?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on December 11, 2017
Q: Admittedly the BoC only raised rates yesterday, but aren't lifecos supposed to do well in rising rates environments? Anyway, where do you this sector going over the next 12 months? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Kurt W on September 08, 2017
Q: I'm a retired, income-oriented investor. I own PWF, GWO and IGM in a diversified income portfolio. All three pay decent dividends (IGM highest at 5.5%). PWF owns the other two and has European exposure through Pargesa. GWO is my only CDN Lifeco holding. Is IGM likely to be impacted by new CRM2 rules about fee disclosure? Should I keep all 3 of these? If not, which should go? Your opinions/suggestions are requested.

Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by John on September 05, 2017
Q: Hello Peter and team, this is regarding the news about GWO restructuring and reductions in Canadian workforce (1,500 employees over the next two years). What do you read in that news? Does this mean that GWO is losing business to the benefit of Sunlife and Manulife? In your opinion, what will be the impact of this transformation on the stock price in the long term? Would you buy GWO at this time. Regards, Gervais
Read Answer Asked by Gervais on April 26, 2017
Q: I am thinking of selling GWO and PWF and replacing them with a 50/50 split of ZUB and ZBK. I would appreciate you thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Elliott on December 21, 2016