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Investment Q&A

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Q: I have a question about AVO.
I have owned AVO for a few years. As you are aware the company will be taken over by Motorola for $27/share.
It is trading at about $26.96 these days and I would like to know if I should wait for the the take over or sell it now. I don't need the money immediately so waiting is not a problem. Additionally, I don't know if I will receive an equivalent number of Motorola shares or will I be "cashed out" of my AVO shares. What normally happens in these situations?

Read Answer Asked by Eddie on March 27, 2018

Q: With the CEO stepping down and the sale of the Co. I feel I have been snookered. Having waited these 2 years for the turn around to higher sales I thought I finally had a multi year horizon for growth. Between the CEO leaving and the sale is it even advisable to say no to the BO offer? I could only imagine a steep sell off with CEO gone and a successful No. Would like to hear your opinion.


Read Answer Asked by Gerald on February 13, 2018

Q: I have sent Avigilon's Investor relations an inquiry about this, but, in general, wouldn't there be a shareholder's vote on the takeover? I don't usually stick around for these things (I take my profits and run!) but in this case I don't like the offer very much and would definitely vote against it. The only mitigating factor now however is the announcement that the CEO is retiring. Do you think this news is material to the possibility of another offer?


Read Answer Asked by Alex on February 12, 2018

Q: Hello 5i, firstly let me echo other comments about how nice it is to have an experienced voice of reason on our side during these turbulent times. Thank you!!
I'm considering selling AVO now to free up some cash to buy a few beaten down names. My question is...if the offer for AVO was increased would it likely to be 5-10% or maybe more?
I know this is pure speculation but I am interested in your opinion.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 06, 2018

Q: My 20year old son has at least 2years of school left and has enough summer income and RESP to cover those years. He has been slowly building a portfolio that mirrors your balanced portfolio. With the take over of AVO his tech weightings are now 33% ( youth seems more comfortable with tech!). I am encouraging him to rebalance. Which do you think has the best 2+ year outlook. ATD.B, SLF, WSP or SJ on the recent pullback. Thank you for all your suggestions, this is a fun kind of “problem” to have!

Read Answer Asked by Paul on February 05, 2018

Q: I held AVO in my TSFA account. Could you please recommend 1-2 stocks to replace it.

Thanks again for everything!!!


Read Answer Asked by David on February 05, 2018

Q: Cheers. First of all thanks for recent Avo encouragement. Worked out very well.

What are the consequences to Gud if companies like Amazon get into the pharmaceutical business in a big way? Also there is lots of talk by governments and insurance companies of signing contracts with drug providers where drug costs are lowered by 35-40%. Quebec signed such a contract awhile ago and recent reports suggest the other provinces are also in the process of doing so. I believe this is the area where Jonathan Goodman and his team have their expertise and previous success. I have a 3 year invested interest in Gud and wondering how these events are affecting Guds future potential and even its present share price decline?
Would like to hear your valued thots on this.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on February 02, 2018

Q: Good Morning. My question is about AVO. I owned this stock for several frustrating years, lost lots of money and finally sold it in August 2016. At the time, the CEO seemed to be particularly insensitive to what it means to be a public company. Avigilon was engaged in what it called the "price adjustment model" which effectively trashed operating profit in the name of longer term growth potential. The stock was in a downward spiral.
I see 5i is recommending this stock again and has it in their model portfolios. What is your opinion about management now (assume it is the same CEO) and how much of a discount should this stock get in light of past operating performance.
Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Ken/Sue on February 01, 2018