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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: IF- Aberdeen Indonisa Fund. Could I have your opinion of this fund. I bought it several years ago as part of my international diversification and am down 30%. If the answer is "sell" what international ETF would you replace it with?
Thank You

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on November 12, 2013

Q: Good Morning

Just wondering what your thoughts were on Mexico, I think the economy there is booming,

thanks Ian

Read Answer Asked by Ian on November 12, 2013

Q: Hi I am planning on putting some water stocks in my rrsp with a 10 year time frame. Which stocks in the area of water supply and waste water treatment would you recommend? What are your thoughts on WTR and SBS on he nasdaq?
Thanks Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on November 12, 2013

Q: Hello 5i,
I would like to add some southeast asia exposure to my portfolio. Jardine Matheson (JM - SP) was recommended on BNN as a good diversified holding. I did some research and thought it was interesting with exposure to China and Hong Kong (although real estate and land...) Would you know the name ? If so, can you please comment?

Instead, could it be just as good to buy some EWS:US (is the yield paid in USD?) or another ETF that you could recommend ? I was thinking of an allocation of 5 - 10% of my stock portfolio.

Also, is it possible to buy stocks on an international exchange through brokerage accounts ?

Your advice would be much appreciated, sorry for the long message and many questions and Thank you again for your great service. Regards.

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on November 10, 2013

Q: Hi Peter and team, my portfolio is currently 100% invested in canadian stocks. I'd like your recommendations on an american etf as well as an international etf to help me diversify. I'm looking for long term growth. Also what percentage of my portfolio should be in each? Thanks for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Rod on November 05, 2013

Q: Is Vanguard Total World Stock ETF a good choice for world exposure at a reasonable price?The diversification seems quite good. Are there any other ETF products that you consider better? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on November 04, 2013

Q: I am looking for some international exposure via an ETF. in Canadian funds. What would you recommend for an international ETF that pays a dividend of at least 4%

Read Answer Asked by Ric on November 04, 2013

Q: Good morning...currently setting up 2 TFSA accounts and RESP (Group) for two children...have 3 RRSP (in part following the 5i research portfolio) account and taxable trading keep simple was think for the TFSA or RESP to use ETF or at least for 50% for ease of monitoring...was thinking VIG,QQQ,IWO,XIU,XCS,CUD...any thoughts or additions to ETFs....timeline for TFSA 10 years (adding max each year...RESP..10 years...thanks

Read Answer Asked by Matthew on November 03, 2013

Q: Hi
What is your opinion on the Muddy Waters claim that the chinese company nq is a fraud?
He said he has gathered his evidence in a two month period.
Isn`t that rather a short period of time to delve so deeply into a company and call it a fraud?

Read Answer Asked by Hersh on November 03, 2013

Q: Hi, I recently looked at relative growth and valuation of different economies and it seems that Norway stands out. Do you agree? If so, what would you think about NORW ETF right now?

Read Answer Asked by Kel on November 02, 2013

Q: Hi Peter and 5iResearch Team,
Can you tell me if you like Vanguard Dev. ex NA Index. I know it is small, but its Vanguard, not hedged? Do you think it is time to increase exposure to Europe?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Linda on November 01, 2013

Q: Hi Peter
I value your opinion . I have been offered to buy Sanofi SNY. ADR . I want to hold about 5 years . What do you think of this pharma company ?


Read Answer Asked by Candi on November 01, 2013

Q: I believe we are in the early stages of a reversal in PBR.I would appreciate your opinion.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on November 01, 2013

Q: Hi Peter and 5iResearch Team,
Can you please provide your expert opinion on the valuation and long-term growth prospects of ABB Ltd, ABB, based on market operations in areas such as Asia, Middle East, Americas, etc.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Linda on October 30, 2013

Q: Hi,

What do you think of XLA? Or is there another emerging markets ETF that you'd recommend, preferably with a dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on October 29, 2013

Q: I am looking reallocate my group RRSP of approx. $40k - I was thinking to split it between a US large cap fund and something like Templeton Global. Your thoughts on where to position these funds for the next year or 2? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 27, 2013

Q: Hello Peter and 5iResearch Team, I'm asking only because I know you would have an informed opinion regarding Japan and specifically Toyota TM:US. Can you please provide your longterm outlook.
Thanks so much! Linda

Read Answer Asked by Linda on October 22, 2013

Q: What are your views on C-N (Citigroup) and HBC-N (HSBC? Do you consider HBC to be the more international of the ? Finally, would you prefer a more US or International focus on banks at this time. Thanks for the wonderful service you proved.


Read Answer Asked by Paul on October 22, 2013