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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I originally purchased this stock reluctantly on the advice of my (then) advisor. I've never been a fan, as they seem to bounce from one crisis to another and have been stuck in a trading range until the recent hiring of Mr. Doyle; the trading range so far appears just slightly higher. There seems to be lot of investment advisor/analyst support at odds with my view. I am rethinking this position in my portfolio now I've no advisor, and am trying to decide if this one is worth keeping in my Consumer Cyclical group (currently underrepresented overall). I am interested in growth with this stock more than the dividend. Would appreciate your thoughts as it resides in your Income Portfolio. If not QSR then what is a plan B in this sector? Thanks very much.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 28, 2023
Q: I've read recently that digitalization has transformed MCD, and vastly improved margins in the process. I've also been reading how in general, robotics and automation is starting to get a toe-hold in some fast food restaurants.

This is asking a bit about looking into your crystal ball but do you see some similar positive transformation in either QSR and / or AW.UN in the future ?

I've also noticed that in recent responses to questions that you see value in these two names. I think QSR's P/E is about 21 which seems a bit on the high side. Is it ?

How well do companies like this do in a recession? One would think people would not have the extra cash to go eat at restaurants in that environment.
Read Answer Asked by James on December 09, 2022
Q: Hi Peter,

Can I please get your expert ranking with respect to the following list of restaurant stocks in terms of a long-term hold.


Thanks, from the hungry investor!
Read Answer Asked by George on November 05, 2021
Q: I bought a very small (0.5%) position in Texas Roadhouse and then later realised it has really slim margins. Would you keep it or else sell it and add to my positions in Yum brands or A&W? Which of the three looks best to you?
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on July 30, 2021
Q: Which companies do you think might not survive the crisis and it's better dumping now while they still have value? I think you have mentioned the oil producers and what about restaurant stocks? I just listed a few examples here of both.
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 18, 2020
Q: Hi Peter,

I have owned YUM for a few years and entered around $60. I am 42 with a growth and income objective. I was a little surprised with the rapid decent from $85.

1. Can you help me understand what happened with YUM/YUMC?
2. Would you buy/hold/sell YUM?
3. Would you buy/hold/sell YUMC?

Thanks, love your service :)
Read Answer Asked by Thomas on November 03, 2016