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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, obviously the markets did not like Q3 results for VIQ Solutions, what are your thoughts on this company, do you think this was possibly a market over reaction? Interesting that an insider was buying in September 100,000 shares at $1. What do you think the main issues are here causing the decline?
Read Answer Asked by bryan on November 15, 2022
Q: The other day you listed CTS, AT, XBC, STC, AURG, VQS as growth stocks to look at. From the above list which two intrest you the most?
Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 17, 2022
Q: Dear Peter et al:
You have built a stellar reputation by choosing some very fine winners. SHOP/LSPD/PBH/KXS and others which have gone to become multi baggers to use Peter Lynch's phrase!

From your new picks, your holdings in Growth portfolio and from your watch list which do you think are your next multi baggers? Can you gaze into your crystal ball and share your insights? I won't hold you to your predictions!! :) You may speak freely!! Once upon a time articles used to appear in financial magazines titled, "Next Microsoft is here"!! :)

I am asking this Question specifically to buy with new monies for TFSA/cash in RRSPs and some in non registered accounts. If not stocks , ETFs would be fine too.
Many thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on January 12, 2022
Q: VQS jumped after that Alta Fox report a few months ago, but has fallen back a little. Do you like VQS now that it has come down a little, and do you see it as a stock that has long-term potential to out perform (or do you like some other small/mid cap companies better e.g. SYZ)
Read Answer Asked by Jeff on August 20, 2021
Q: can u comment please on viq press release july 9th yahoo finance
u.s.$ +1 million contracts recurring revenue in june alone, $28 mln
u.s. recurring revenue($36 cdn)annual.
This follows 2 acquisitions and a move to u.s. ( pheonix business journal july 9), i believe they have 2 profitable qtrs already and
an analyst report on Zacks june 13, suggested current value .35-.40
u.s. or .45-.52Cdn. been following for a while as i like the
digitization, cyber security space. Time to get aboard this train?
Read Answer Asked by howard on July 15, 2019