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Investment Q&A

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Q: Looking to make further investments in the renewable energy sector. Can you please comment on the following: Schneider Electric (SBGSF), Innergex Renewables (INE-T), Canadian Solar (CSIQ-N), Air Products and Chemical(APD-N), Plug Power (PLUG-N), Ballard Power (BLDP-N),
Boralex Inc (BLX-T), and Northland Power (NPI-T)

Read Answer Asked by Howie on October 31, 2020

Q: I am looking for quality dividend-growth Canadian stock, yielding at least 5%, mid cap or larger, for medium to long hold, in the following sectors: banks, pipelines, renewable energy.

I am considering adding to BNS, Brookfield Renewable (BEP.UN) and Enbridge (ENB).

I could add to Interpipe (IPL) or Innergex (INE) but am thinking that Enbridge and Brookfield Renewable are better choices at the moment.

Your opinion? Other names to consider?

Read Answer Asked by Carl on November 28, 2018

Q: I am thinking about switching from Alta-Gas to Innergex for a 3% position and taking a reduction in yield. 5 to 10 years holding time. The 2017 INE results were out late today. In looking them over I see significant improvement in revenues and adjusted EBITDA as well as a drop in the payout ratio due to an improvement in free cash flow. The dividend was increased modestly by 3%. However, earnings were down substantially.
Power generation was down due to lower flow volumes in BC and lower than average winds in France.
Would the anticipated rate increases be discounted in the current price in your opinion?
Do you think this is a reasonable switch at this time? Also, in your opinion is there anything in the 2017 results that would be a major red flag for you that I might be missing?
Thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 22, 2018

Q: My primary investment objective is to find companies with growth potential with a secondary goal for some dividend income. I bought Innergex renewable (INE) a year ago at 14.80. This year it has been flat around 14.50. I am considering selling it and reinvesting the proceeds into Gilead (GILD). With GILD there is also the potential of some currency appreciation. Please let me have your thoughts. Is there another Company you would prefer to Gilead??

Read Answer Asked by Bob on July 21, 2017

Q: Hi 5i Team:
I’m sold on the need to maintain sector diversification and use your suggested weightings for an income portfolio as my guide. It is how to classify pipelines that always gives me difficulty. I hold Algonquin, Fortis and Innergex to the tune of 10% classified as Utilities. I hold Canadian Natural Resources and Parkland Fuels which make up 7.0% as Energy. Now the problem, I also own Pembina and TransCanada to a total of another 6%. If I go against the TSX and say they are Utilities then I am pretty much in line with where I want to be. If I say they are Energy, suddenly I am overweight Energy and underweight Utilities. My question is do you have any data that would suggest which sector the pipelines are actually more strongly correlated to historically? My feeling is that they have probably moved down with Energy when the oil and gas sector gets beaten up, but also move down with Utilities when interest rates go up so not sure it really matters that much unless one has a crystal ball? But I try not to invest by feelings, would love to know if there is any hard data to support a decision? Alternatively, if you just look at the above and say “too much energy exposure for proper diversification” that’s good enough for me. Appreciate your guidance as always, thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on October 12, 2016

Q: I own shares of Innergex Preferred series A Bought @ $ 22. I am giving the option to convert it to series B floating rate. Could I please have your opinion if I should convert or stay with series A. I was unable to find a Quote for the B series. Is this a new series that is created for that purpose? With only 3.4 Million shares of the series A outstanding, the conversion is subject to a minimum of 1 Million of A to B and become compulsory if less than 1 million shares remain outstanding of series A.


Read Answer Asked by Saad on December 24, 2015

Q: would you have any small to midcap names that are in wind power that stand to gain with the increase in investment in this area from Alberta and rest of Canada ?

Read Answer Asked by Brad on November 24, 2015

Q: I was looking at this preferred share innergex power 5.75% ser C perpetual price of $18.50 yield 7.77% and callable in jan18. Can you please explain the biggest risk with this type or security outside corporate risk ? Am i correct to assume that the yield of 7.7% is only until jan 2018 and the yield thereafter will be the terms of reset or is it a perpetual 7.7% ? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on October 19, 2015

Q: Hello Peter & Co,
A follow-up on a fellow member's question on the subject. I too own BEP.UN and have noted your reference to NPI and RNW; but I am wondering if you had also considered Boralex BLX and Innergex INE.

Read Answer Asked by Antoine on February 26, 2015