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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I recently sold. AEM and waiting for a pul back. I was thinking of buying DGC gold just in case if there will be another offer. If no offer I would end up with KL gold or would you suggest just buy KL directly at todayís price. Can you please me your opinion and when is the deal supposed to close and if I buy 1000 shares of DGC gold how many KL shares I would get. Do you think current offer is good or they might be another offer. Is there any regularity risk.

Currently I donít have any gold stocks

Thanks for your great service

Read Answer Asked by Hector on November 27, 2019

Q: Hi there, thanks for your reply to my question earlier. Just a follow up: if you were a KL shareholder, would you continue to hold? trim? sell or buy more on the dip? KL is 6.5% weighting in my portfolio and I'm a long time holder of KL thanks to 5i recommending it - and thanks very much for that!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on November 26, 2019

Q: It seems to me that the 30% drop in Detour Gold is way overdone. Do you agree? DGC has quite a high percentage of shares owned by institutions (>60% I believe). Could this big drop be due to computer programmed selling - sheep following sheep, etc.? I bought a small position in DGC several months ago, thinking it's a high cost producer but has a lot of reserves, so it could be a good leveraged investment if the POG rises significantly. Has anything really changed with this new guidance?

Read Answer Asked by Jack on April 30, 2018

Q: Hi Peter and team, I have dgc over a year in my rrsp account , feel very stupid hesitate to sell it .Hoping gold price go up , share price would go up but itís not, it keeps falling, whatís going on with this company? On September 27, 2017 your answers on dgc had 12 buys, 5 holds and 0 sell. You said as a larger producer it should move nicely if gold does go higher. It is expect to show good earnings growth next year. What are your thoughts on dgc now and do you see any improvement in stock price this year or should I bit the bullet and sell.

Read Answer Asked by Hue on January 12, 2018

Q: Hi I am looking to do some tax loss selling. DGC DOWN 25%, GUD DOWN 13%, RNW DOWN 5%, ENB down 5% and SIS down 4%.
Could you give me some options to repurchase for each company if I decide to sell any or all of the above?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on October 30, 2017