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Investment Q&A

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Q: HI 5i

Rogers as gone up considerably this year. Is this really deserved or is it just momentum from bluejays. I have considerable gains, bought in around 42 $. I am wondering if I should sell to capture some gains , (lots of losses from energy to balance out tax issues.)

any basic rules of thumb to consider on "when to sell" ?



Read Answer Asked by Ernest on October 30, 2015

Q: I also saw the movement by AYA stock on Tuesday and it was strange. There was high volume on the stock for most of the day, but in the last 30-60 seconds it went from 31 to 29.70 in the blink of an eye. I actually had 29.85 ready to go for the last 5 minutes and when it started dropping I hit submit. An error popped up and I hit submit anyway and to my surprise, it actually got through (It was still open when I went to bed that night). I've never seen a stock drop that fast before.

Somewhat off topic, sorry about that.
I know you guys prefer T and BCE in telecom, but I'm wondering if you think Rogers (RCI.B) is getting any better with the recent drop?

Thanks, Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 02, 2015

Q: Nice move upwards today.
I need to sell some shares in my RRSP to pay tax bills and I had this one earmarked for the chop. Now I'm wondering if I should hold on for a bit.
The trouble is that whenever I hang on for a further rise after an encouraging increase, the price seems to fall to where it was before.
Was there any news in particular that sparked the rise?

Read Answer Asked by John on November 17, 2014

Q: These 4 telecommunication stocks represent 13% of my income portfolio: BCE (4%), MBT (2%), RCI.B (3%), T (4%).
I know you aren't a big fan of RCI.B, but I emotionally feel like I deserve to get something back from Rogers in the form of dividends since I fall out of my chair every month when I see what my household spends with them (cell phones,internet,cable..etc). Wrong approach?

Am I too overweight in this sector? Current sector weighting:

Consumer 3%
Banks 19%
Insurance 11%
Utilities 7%
Telecom 13%
Precious Metals 5%
Energy 15%
REIT 13%
Industrial 10%

I love this Q&A portion of your site. Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Carlo on November 13, 2014

Q: RCI.B is down 3% today on a lowering of estimates by Credit Suisse. I'm not interested in growth, only safety of capital and income. The yield is about 4.3%. Is now a time for a 5% position? I don't have T but will buy BCE on a correction resulting in owning 5% each in BCE and T. Would a 2.5% position in each be better? How about 5% in BCE and no RCI? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on April 22, 2014

Q: Hello team,
Sometimes, I like to look at charts to see how a company is doing in the absence of any news. Rogers Communications' (RCI.B)chart is showing a rounded top which suggests that the company's shares are about to head south. Do you see anything on your Bloomberg terminal that suggests the company is experiencing difficulties. What do you think are its prospects for the near future?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 12, 2014

Q: First of all, I want to say that I really appreciate the amazing turn-around time for questions posed in this forum. This is a very valuable service and I hope that you continue to provide it.

My question is about Rogers Communications (TSX: RCI.B). With the news that Verizon is no longer interested in coming into Canada as the "feared" big 4th carrier, do you think it was undervalued when the rumours were abound and what do you think the prospects are going into the near term?

Read Answer Asked by Eugene on September 03, 2013

Q: There are a bewildering number of ways debt can be maesured in a company. Debt to equity, total debt to total capital etc. Some value investors like to see net current assets greater than long term debt and others look for total liabilities to be no more than five times earnings before taxes. I noticed in previous answers 5i like to compare total liabilities to cash flow as a metric, with debt no more than twice operating cash flow. Could you comment please on your choice of debt metric.

With regards to Rogers RCI.B it seems to be carrying large debts in comparison to cash flow and also its peers. I am considering selling and consolidating into Vodafone as I prefer to have only one holding in the telco space. Do you think Rogers has too much debt? Would you agree that Vodafone is a better bet?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on June 23, 2013