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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I own these 4 stocks in my TFSA account in which SIS is 2% holding overall all accounts and the other 3 are 1% overall. From reading the questions that have been asked on theses 4 stocks , you feel that DRT is a hold as well as GUD? I would like to increase my holdings so do think that it would be best to add to PLI and SIS at this time and not GUD or DRT?


Read Answer Asked by on July 06, 2016

Q: Hi! I did some spring cleaning and had to pick between drt and pur. The two were small positions and I ended selling pur and adding a bit to drt. In hindsight it looks like I should have done the opposite. If pur looks better now I can still make the change if you suggest so. Thx, Dominic

Read Answer Asked by Dominic on May 11, 2016

Q: Peter and Team:

I am currently down about 30% on both of these in a diversified portfolio. I was thinking of selling one and using funds to top up the remainder. (Spring Cleaning). Could you please suggest which has more upside potential vs downside risk. Or should I just wait on both as I have a very long timeframe.

Thank you always for a great service and improved site.


Read Answer Asked by Phil on May 05, 2016

Q: Skyworks was a company Bruce Tatters had recommended on BNN. I asked you about it a few months ago, and you seemed to think it was alright. It seems to me that it is a recipe to lose money. What is your opinion of it now?

Also, what do you expect when DRT reports? Will it be a good or a bad report? (rather than a numerical answer)This stock last quarter went up for a few days and then went right back down. It also had a big drop on April 29th. If you think that the quarter will be fine, I will hold on to it and watch it carefully.

Thanks for the good advice. I spend a lot of time reading your question & answer section, and have learnt a lot from 5i Research.


Read Answer Asked by Dennis on May 02, 2016