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Q: I have been searching for some beaten down industrial names and I came across AirBoss. I owned it a few years ago so I was somewhat familiar with the company. I noticed that in the past year it traded as $47 WOW and now it is just over $7. I realize that the big Covid contracts for nitrile gloves and respirators. etc. drove the price up and those contracts have dried up, but still only $7ish dollars. They have other divisions, like automotive, that are not covid dependent and the defense and safety segment is still relevant (It was relevant before Covid!!) So what is not to like about BOS when it is in the $7ish dollar range? At this price the dividend yields close to 6 per cent. I would be content collecting a year or two in dividends while waiting for earnings to stabilize or sentiment to change. But is the dividend safe? It is 10 cents per quarter and earnings were 9 cents but cash flow was decent. debt is a little high but it doesn't seem onerous. Then again, I am not an accountant!!

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 01, 2022
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