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Review of Gamehost Inc.

APR 29, 2018 - Hotel and casino operator concentrated in Alberta. The shares pay a high dividend but at this point the company does not offer much above and beyond the yield. Rating maintained at 'C'.

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Q: Please provide your opinion of GH's Q3 release. Gross revenue growth did not materialize while costs rose.

Company announced the proposed vend-in of CEO, VP and COO's Grande Prairie hotel for $12.5mm. Property looks appealing completed in 2017 with exceptional customer feedback and a 2 minute walk from Great Northern Casino. Guessing this asset could add approximately $4mm in gross revenues to GH's annual earnings, it's in one of the few areas of Alberta that has shown above-average growth and may continue as gas liquids are being developed in the Montney.

Not a game-changing transaction for the company but if they suggest that the hotel can be acquired and provide accretion for shareholders, what's good for the goose is good for the gander and gaggle of little retail investors.

GH stated that they have increased their LOC by $7mm. Do you think the company will issue common shares as part of the capital paid to Peace Country Hospitality?

I am offering up three 5-i doubloons for this in-depth query. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by malcolm on November 19, 2018

Q: Hi 5i team. What would be your top pick in the gaming sector in Canada? PBL, TSGI, GH, GC? Keep up the amazing work. RZ

Read Answer Asked by Raphi on August 17, 2018
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