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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Peter,

Please list 5-6 mining stocks (other than gold) for growth. I own TV and TECK.B at 2% weighting each. Medium to high risk, short and long term.


Read Answer Asked by K on April 18, 2018

Q: I would like an update on LGO, also your opinion on the developments with Vanadium use in batteries (VRB's, VFB's, VRFB's, Redox) it appears to be much better than lithium batteries. Also it's use as a film for reflecting heat from windows, appears to have many potential uses.
Could you also explain the July 12 press release, doesn't make sense to me.

Read Answer Asked by Doug on July 17, 2017

Q: Hi Peter and gang. Please ignore my earlier question as I have just learned, and it is my understandaing, that Largo did not appreciate and the discrepency in my valuation is due to a 1 for ten consolidation. However, I would still like your opinion on this stock going forward.
Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Guy R. on October 20, 2014

Q: Hi Peter et al: Largo (LGO) is poised to go into production of it vanadium mine in Brazil with Glencore taking all of its production for the next 6 years or so. It is still languishing in the 28 cent range. Once it goes to production will it take a quarter for the price to move up or income will then be known?


Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 23, 2014

Q: I would like an update on Largo (LGO). The deal with Glencore to take all the production for the 1st 6 years sure seems very good.
Generally speaking is it good to buy a mining stock just before commissioning (as LGO is doing now) or wait until everything is running fine. In the past I've bought on price dips due to commissioning issue problems and done quite well. Was I just lucky or is that quiet common.

Read Answer Asked by Doug on March 12, 2014

Q: Hello Peter, Do you have any information you could share regarding Largo (LGO). Seems like they have their financing done, they have and off-take agreement for the Vanadium, and Brazil seems like a good country to be in for mining. They bumped up about 20 percent last Friday but doubt if that means much. I suspect the main risk is whether the management team has the skills to pull off the difficult task of building a mining operation. Do you know these guys at all? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Gerald on July 14, 2012