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Investment Q&A

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Q: Thoughts on the Opendoor quarter? Do you think this type of technology/business model has a bright future? Would you rather an equal weighting of all three of these names (say 2% each) or is there a clear leader in which it might be more prudent to take a single larger 5% position?

I feel that the real estate sector could become much more efficient and liquid especially with a large player or consolidator that increases competition and should lead to lower transaction costs. Real estate agencies and the (until somewhat recently) gatekept MLS feel like a 'dinosaur' of an industry ripe for tech-based disruption. What are your thoughts about this? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Marco on November 13, 2021

Q: May I please get your thoughts on Opendoor Technologies? All the stocks in this group seem to have settled out and are down ~50% from their peaks. Being risk agnostic, would you prefer Zillow over Opendoor?

I like that Opendoor has housing inventory. It is unclear to me if competitors Zillow and Redfin also have inventory. I would appreciate any clarity you can provide me on that.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Read Answer Asked by Marco on August 26, 2021

Q: After reading Opendoors convincing investor presentation, I'm looking to start a position in an ibuying company. How would you rank these three companies in terms of overall growth? (rdfn/open/z) Do you know of any Canadian listed companies that take part in this?


Read Answer Asked by dan on January 06, 2021