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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi there, ARKK has dropped very dramatically - about 75% to 80% from all time highs. I believe the 2000 .com bust had a similar fall in terms of percentages. In your opinion, has ARKK bottomed out here? Do you think it's time to finally start buying in the $40 to $45 price range? Lastly, do you see comparisons in buying ARKK today, similar to buying oil in March 2020 after oil went negative and XEG etc collapsed? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 20, 2022

Q: I am beginning to shift out of specific technology stocks and into technology ETFs simply out of personal preference from a diversification and risk allocation perspective. I presently own EARK and read with great interest the Morningstar article you posted last week (No Room for ARK) which presented some other perspectives on the ARK funds in general (going forward) including some of the challenges very successful actively managed technology funds eventually face when they become so large. Which brings me to a few questions. 1. Do some of the go forward challenges the US ARK funds may encounter also apply to the much smaller Canadian versions offered through Emerge, such as EARK? 2. Can you comment generally on technology ETF alternatives such as ZQQ or TEC? I am interested in particular about understanding the comparison of a more actively managed technology focused ETF vs. a more passive index tracking ETF or one (like TEC) that seems to be a hybrid in that it tracks an index but periodically rebalances. This can all be a bit confusing so any general explanations of pros/cons would help immensely. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on March 26, 2021

Q: Hi

Your recent answer to Steven on December 08 2020 appears to favor EDGE. (Not able to pull this symbol on your database yet. Comes up as Edge therapeutics)
I also know that ARKK is one of your favorites through your answers to others' questions.
Now that AUM is going up with EDGE, and their lower fees (50% less than ARKK) would you say EDGE for a 2% initial position and for adding a little bit more if there is a correction is reasonable?
I am bit surprised that a Canadian ETF company offers an all in ETF for a lower fees compared to its US counterparts. How do they do it?!!

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on December 15, 2020

Q: I am trying to look under the hood of the Emerge ark etfs(EAGB,EARK,EAAI,EAUT,EAFT) and I am finding it tough to analyze all of the companies that these etfs hold. In your opinion which one of those five etfs would best represent the combination of all five. Tnx for your great work.

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on December 11, 2020

Q: Could I have your views on the Emerge suite of etfs; EAUT, EARK, EAGB, EAFT and EAAI. Returns so far seem to be pretty good but wondering if some of those could become part of a personal portfolio. Haven't heard very many questions on these particular etfs.


Read Answer Asked by Jacques on October 13, 2020