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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i experts,

I noticed this penny gold mine stock has very high deposit potential of 1.6M Ounce. One question though is the high institutional holding. Why there are over 50% institutional holding for this penny stock? I heard before that institutions normally only buy stocks above $5. I checked other gold mine stocks and most of the penny stocks have high insider holding but very few institution holdings. Does the high institution holding means a lot of fund managers see this stock as a good upside potential?



Read Answer Asked by Adam on July 29, 2020

Q: From yesterday's question, you talked a company ARTG.V which has production forecast of around 480K ounce but price recently gone up to around $7. However, I noticed another gold mine company Orezone which claim has 1.6M ounce gold deposit but the price is only $0.99. Has the ORE.V been under valued or ARTG.V been over valued? Both company market cap are similar at 220M and 248M. Can you provide some analysis on ORE.V?


Read Answer Asked by Adam on July 08, 2020