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Investment Q&A

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Q: I do not own any gold or precious metals; I feel like buying anything now would be closing the gate after the horse left the barn; your view? I would have to sell something to make funds available; most likely prospects is one of the 3 banks I hold ; those 3 represent about 8.5 % of my equity holdings. Or would I be better off to just keep the banks?
Thank you for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on May 07, 2020

Q: I owned a gold stock a very very long time ago: Placer Dome. I held it for quite a while and when I sold, I may have broke even. Since then, I have not help any gold stocks. Question: what are your thoughts on owning gold? I am of the opinion thus: own companies that produce something and have a history of increasing dividends every year. Some people are worried about inflation - not me - can't see it any time soon and devaluation due to all the money printing. Comments please with suggestion if gold is a consideration?

Read Answer Asked by James on April 29, 2020

Q: I managed to miss the recent recovery as I was expecting the market to go lower. I'm now considering gold given the high amounts of government spending and possible inflationary pressures. May I have your thoughts on gold as an investment right now? In particular, the GLD etf? Thanks,


Read Answer Asked by Jason on April 13, 2020

Q: HI, I have USD cash, and have decided to balance out some US holdings with US cash with gold exposure. Can you give me a few options to participate in gold. Perhaps your favorite small to mid cap gold plays and a gold bullion etf exposure? Looking for any help here. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Jordan on July 05, 2019