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Q: Thank you for the quick response to my ER/AUG. After reading your response, I realized that with ER currently trading at .26, its way below the implied deal price of .42 and I would potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table if I was to sell now and buy AUG. Hence I am best to wait selling my ER to see where all this settles as you suggest. Having said that, my reason to sell was to capture a large loss on ER shares while keeping my AUG exposure - however, if the deal goes through, would the conversion to .117 shares of the new company FURY be considered a deemed disposition of ER??? In that case if I do nothing I would be able to claim the capital loss of ER and still get the new Fury shares if/when the deal goes through? Correct?

Read Answer Asked by Scott on August 05, 2020
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