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Investment Q&A

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Q: Thank you for the quick response to my ER/AUG. After reading your response, I realized that with ER currently trading at .26, its way below the implied deal price of .42 and I would potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table if I was to sell now and buy AUG. Hence I am best to wait selling my ER to see where all this settles as you suggest. Having said that, my reason to sell was to capture a large loss on ER shares while keeping my AUG exposure - however, if the deal goes through, would the conversion to .117 shares of the new company FURY be considered a deemed disposition of ER??? In that case if I do nothing I would be able to claim the capital loss of ER and still get the new Fury shares if/when the deal goes through? Correct?

Read Answer Asked by Scott on August 05, 2020

Q: I own a lot of ER stock in a non-registered account. Even with the run up in price with the announced takeover bid by AUG, I have a considerable Capital Loss. I would like to capture that loss but remain exposed to any further upside that this deal MAY unlock if it comes to fruition. 1) Does it make sense to sell my ER shares now and immediately purchase AUG with the proceeds......this should keep my exposure 100% intact would it not? 2) I assume that because the deal is not done and the two stocks are completely different entities that this would NOT be deemed a superficial that correct? 3) is it very likely that ER may receive a better bid from someone else and I would lose out by switching the shares to AUG? 4) What would you do in my situation?

Many Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Scott on August 04, 2020